RUMOR: David Hayter Hints at Metal Gear Solid V Appearance in New Tweet

David Hayter, the original voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, may be making an appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. See what a new Tweet from the voice actor has to say.

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Snookies121340d ago

Lol, I've been positive since the beginning that he'd be in the game in some form.

-Ikon-1340d ago

Look I was ok with sutherland and just accepted it but after all this trolling from hayter I'm now going to be pissed if he isnt in it..

breakpad1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

i hope Hayter comes back (at least as SSnake)...he is the true snake voice (specially with his mGS1 acting which cannot be surpassed and gave snake a character) Sutherland while i was positive with him after i played extensively MGS GZ is nowhere near David hater (and too serious for the role wihtout having the necessary humor for the char) ..

HaydenJameSmith1339d ago

Me too, I hope he's in it...

nX1339d ago

I'm still unsure if that's really trolling or being legit sad.

user55757081339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

if solid snake is alive during the timeline then he can be in the game. i just wish he voiced big boss as well. no offense to keifer. great actor. but david hayter is the heart of snake

turdburgler10801339d ago

I'm gonna go ahead and solve this mystery for folks since it's obvious. You can't have two characters with the same voice. It can be confusing. They switched to Sutherland so when the series comes full circle and big boss meets solid snake people won't get their voices mixed up. Hayter is coming back to voice solid snake. Big bosses clone son. Come on it was staring you all in the face the whole time.

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DarkOcelet1340d ago

He will be in MGSV. The guy is a major troll just like Kojima. I believe the game will end up leading to Solid Snake going to Zanzibar or something. Ending the game with 'Kept you waiting huh'. And MG1 and MG2 will be done in Fox Engine.

vork771339d ago

watch Metal gear solid be all a dream in snakes coma

Redrum0591339d ago

Damnit, I have a strong feeling you ruined the game.
Somehow that's exactly what this game is.

LordMaim1339d ago

Considering how angry he got when people kept asking him about the game, some of harsh things he said about the way he was treated, and the fact that someone tweeted him that picture and he just retweeted it, I highly doubt that he's in the game.

NarooN1339d ago

I think the same. All trolling aside, he most likely isn't in.

Heavenly King1339d ago

He is obviously Solidus Snake in the game.

I have been saying this since it was announced he was not going to be Big Boss.

solid_snake36561339d ago

Solid Snake v.s. Big Boss in Zanzibar Island what an epic boss fight that would be

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Tom871340d ago

David Hayter Placed A Metal Gear Solid Easter Egg in Wolves

SpiralTear1340d ago

After all these teases and takebacks, I'd be more surprised if he WASN'T in the game.

freshslicepizza1340d ago

me too. this back and forth nonsense just to get attention is pretty sad. i think he's in the game and this whole ploy reminds me of when joaquin phoenix said he was going to retire from acting on david letterman. i knew dman well it was just an act. it reeks of something hideo kojima would cook up.

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The story is too old to be commented.