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Tom871342d ago

PS4 or Xbox One? What should I get for my Son?

kreate1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )


I'm talking between ps4 n x1.
What tom was asking.

Edit: not sure how old the son is, but i'd buy him a Wii-U instead.

KuroKazuma1341d ago

PS4, more genre and games to choose

VforVideogames1341d ago

More games to choose? not really, more indies to choose.

AliTheSnake11341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

@VforVideogames Indies are games. And in my opinion PS4 has better indies AND AAA games.

GusBricker1341d ago

Go to best buy or gamestop and have him try out the controllers, whichever is more comfortable to him, go with that.

DarXyde1341d ago

That depends, what's he looking for? So funny how no one is giving you any reasons WHY. I'll give you a few so you can make your decision.


+ Easier interface in my opinion
+ More responsive online service
+ Controller feels more ergonomic than PlayStation 4
+ The system is constantly getting new features
+ External storage capability
+ Multimedia functionality (including cable box connection)

- It's very large
- Live is more expensive than PlayStation Plus
- Subjective, but the exclusives this year are a bit sparse until summer/fall
- A fair share of the biggest games this year will be on the PS4 as well

PlayStation 4:

+ More often than not has the definitive version of multiplatform games

+ You can change the internal storage
+ More frequent network sales
+ Share Play & Remote Play
+ The Instant Games Collection is arguably better than Games With Gold
+ You can still play network-purchased titles while the console's network is down.

+ DualShock 4 is MUCH better than its predecessors
+ More powerful, though I struggle to see differences sometimes (whether parity or otherwise)

- $50 more expensive than XBOX One without Kinect
- Music service is limited to Spotify and USB MP3 uploads (Spotify is coming soon, so just USB MP3 for now)
- You can't create your own themes meaning no internet = no themes (unless 2.0, which comes with a few)
- Interface is a bit cluttered
- Controller battery life could be better
- Backwards compatibility is limited to game rentals, even if you already own them.

I can't say "count the pros and cons" since I find them more qualitative than quantitative. For example, even though the online service is more solid on XBOX One and has a solid controller with a more organized interface, I prefer to Share Play to those features. I should also add that if he has a PS3 and PS Vita, PlayStation Plus is very appealing across platforms.

All things considered, I prefer PS4. You might not, but I figured I'd give you some guidance in making the decision easier. Granted, I didn't make a comprehensive list of pros and cons of each console, but enough to give you a starting line. Good luck in your choice.

Copenhagen1341d ago

I disagree with you on a couple points. The interface IS hands down easier on PS4. My kids struggle to navigate their Xbox one they got for Christmas and all 3 of them see how simplified everything is on the PS4 and are trying to get me to trade in their Xbox for their own PS4.

Second point I disagree on is perceived value. MS told everyone Kinect WAS essential to the Xbox One and I had one at launch and I can as will many others attest that navigating the Xbox One is hands down easier with Kinect and even if it was not the PS4 is still the more powerful system which makes the Xbox One @ 350 without Kinect still too steep of a price as the last NPD showed that people were only interested in the console at 350 plus more than one free game(s). The price difference would be justified anyway when you consider the instant game collection is better than games with gold and there's more software on the PS4 to play at least 30 or more games than the Xbox One that can be verified if you don't believe me .

I believe having both and used both extensively that the PS4 was the system to have and currently still is especially if you can only afford one atm. More games more players more hardware for the money I could keep going but you get the point. And with Sony having a stacked 2015 and beyond it will remain the best to own.

DarXyde1341d ago


I can respect that. Just to offer some rationale behind my reasoning on points you disagree on:

First, the interface. I and just about everyone I know found XBOX One's interface easier to navigate. Subjective of course. The PlayStation 4's interface *is* in fact easy to navigate, but I'm finding it's easier on XBOX One. Just keep in mind, I emphasized "my opinion" since it's based on my personal experiences and testimonies from people I know. To be fair though, the XBOX One's interface is not very different from Windows 8.1. That might be a reason we consider it easier because it's more familiar.

Now on perceived value, that's a bit of a stretch to say people were only interested in XBOX One with a free game and price cut; sales were pretty close last month, weren't they? You also have to keep in mind that the price went back up for XBOX One before coming down again about 2 weeks into January. Anyway, I would tread lightly on Games With Gold and the Instant Games Collection, simply because there's no right answer to which is a better service if you don't care about the games one offers most of the time. I agree that I think the Instant Games Collection is better, but I'm trying to offer advice without imposing my preferences. And please, no more; everyone uses that but at the end of the day, I would prefer the console with games I perceive as more fun, not necessarily the one with more games. Yes, I prefer PS4, but if I thought Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive were the best games ever, I'd probably prefer the XBOX One because a) it's the only place I can play it and b) I would find those games to have greater quality than the abundance of PlayStation 4 titles. Totally hypothetical, but that's why I don't consider a valid counterpoint in this case. I'm a quality person and the original poster might be too. This is why I didn't want to complicate his decision making process.

Sony is handling the PS4 well enough, but they can definitely be doing better. As far as exclusives, we really don't know what's over the horizon for 2016 and beyond. I wouldn't write the XBOX One off just yet. Heck, I wouldn't even write off the Wii U since it's actually a great system. I own all three and I love the games it offers, but that wasn't up for discussion here.

Either way, that's my rationale.

Forbidden_Darkness1341d ago

I love how you mention the fact that PS4 can only do backwards compatibility through PS Now, while not giving Xbox One a negative for having absolutely no option for Backwards compatibility at all.

Also, using 'opinions' to fill out your pro/con list does absolutely nothing to help out your cause. At the very least go into reason why you believe such from the get go. Realistically, using facts instead of opinions make for a better list and argument regarding which console might be better for them.

DarXyde1340d ago


No, I didn't mention backwards compatibility on Xbox One. The point behind me mentioning it at all was to point out that PS4 does technically have it, but at an added expense you cannot actually keep. I have also mentioned that I would only offer a starting list for each. I intended to avoid identical lists. I also said to count them qualitatively over quantitatively. I wasn't going for balanced quantity of pros and cons, but what came to me.

Now about opinions... Any I highlighted here are not solely my judgments, but based on testimonials from friends, roommates, and family (which is more unanimous). At the very least, none of the subjective values are treated as fact, which gives him the chance to use his own discretion on those things. Facts do make for a better list. 4/6 pros and 3/4 cons are fact for Xbox One while 6/7 pros and 5/6 cons are fact for PS4. My lists are predominantly objective and the opinions are balanced by testimonies.

That all said, at least I offered reasoning for my selections where no one else has yet. I'm not sure if you're just looking to be argumentative, but I don't subscribe to that. Fundamental disagreement is great, but since I'm apparently having to further explaining myself, I'm gonna leave it at that.

Interpret my post(s) however you will. :0)

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AliTheSnake11341d ago

Maybe give more information ? As in how old he is, what kind of games he likes/wants ?
If he is a little kid, get him a wii u, he's got the whole wii library to play on it too.

srd44841341d ago

This is the worse place to ask. Ask him what games he likes.

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timothyckeegan1342d ago

Any one played Advanced Warfare? And is it better than Destiny?

jacobvogel1342d ago

Warframe is 1 million times better.

lebr0n1342d ago

I don't like Warframe either but it definitely is far better than Destiny.

Apollo11341d ago

How about Battlefield?

Snookies121341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Does it even work yet? Lol, this coming from a once big Battlefield fan.

AliTheSnake11341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

For me, worked since holidays 2013.

jacobvogel1342d ago

Still looking for New 3DS XL Majora's Mask Bundle, any one can link me?

miayou1342d ago

Target had few available for preorder few days ago.

lebr0n1342d ago

Those console deals are epic.

miayou1342d ago

I wish Groupon will restock New 3ds xl for $180

thund3rguy1342d ago

Destiny for $29.99 is a super deal !!

geoatl1342d ago

Advanced Warfare is also for same price for 360 and PS3

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