Evolve, day 1 DLC, and the entitlement of gamers

Original Gamer: "Evolve hasn’t been out for 72 hours yet and gamers have already decided to make it public enemy number 1. This is thanks to the umbrella claim of “2K charging full price for an incomplete game, as well as for DLC that should have been included with the original purchase.” After hearing this, and knowing my pre-order was still sitting at Gamestop, I decided to do some research before picking it up and paying off the game."

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crazychris41241367d ago

The problem with the Evolve DLC is they released so much of it on Day 1. It gives us the impression they could have included it in the base game as rewards for completing certain tasks. If they released these periodically over a year or two very few people would be complaining and there wouldnt be any controversy. Im just gonna wait for the complete edition to go on sale next year.

christian hour1367d ago

Yup, no doubt there'll be some GOTY edition (does anyone else miss when they were called GOLD editions?) out eventually that will come with all the goods.

And on sale at some point too.

Or free with Plus?

Who knows, either way I'm no longer in any rush to buy a game that charges me 60 euro to see the ankles and then 40 quid for a glimpse of nipple.

TomShoe1367d ago

Evolve doesn't respect my time, nor my money. It's basically telling me to pay upfront for this bare-bones framework, then pay some more to actually flesh it out with content. They're just asking too much.


Ozmoses1366d ago

you mean ultimate or complete edition...

Evolve ain't winning Game of the Year

BongSmack1366d ago

Now I want to play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Gold Edition.

USA0071366d ago


There have been many games that got GOTY editions, but didn't actually get GOTY

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TheJacksonRGN1367d ago

Yeah they released so many cosmetic DLC that adds nothing to the experience.

Had they released extra hunters or Monsters day 1 and charged for it, then I can see the real issue.

Who in their right mind would want every single skin for the characters, especially the ones they don't like. Most of the people complain about this would not even use most of them even if they were free.

christian hour1367d ago

"Who in their right mind would want every single skin for the characters"

Exactly? And apparently people do. I remember when you bought a game, you could unlock all the skins by playing the game or using cheat codes.

Now, cheat codes are all but nonexistent in videogames, you either have to pre-order from stores that don't even exist outside of the US (target, best buy etc) if you want some of the cool skins (arkham city anyone?) or you pay extra for them.

Damn shame :(

I remember having this spiderman game on ps1 that had at least 10 different costumes you could find/unlock.

EA set the standard for this new practice back in 2005 when X360 first launched (selling 128kb unlock keys for comsmetic content ON THE DISC) and sadly all the other big publishers followed suit.

Xbox's vision of a digital console marketplace had so much potential back in 2004 when we first heard of it but sadly got taken advantage of in a big way before the 360 was even out the door. I pictured a platform similar to what PC gamers had back in the day, expansion packs that add hours of fun and new ways to enjoy your game at reasonable prices. We're lucky to even get one of those two things these days.

awi59511366d ago

Games have been gold for months when these dlc are created most of the time. Because they have to make their ship date. They just develop these dlc in the meantime while they wait for the game to ship.

admiralvic1367d ago

This is quite true, but at the same time I can't help but feel the author is grasping at straws or basically wants to make excuses for Evolve. Like I don't know anyone else, but I get sick of the "let me cherry pick some examples that prove my point." Especially since so much of this is in theory.

I mean, how can you say the Evolve season pass / additional Hunters and Monster are a good deal when we know practically nothing about anything listed here? Sure I know I will get XYZ characters and the Behemoth monster, but just because they're being added doesn't mean I or the community will like any of them or that they will end up being worthwhile on any real metric besides "in theory it adds such and such content." Reminds me a lot of the new exotic weapons and to a lesser extent armor in Destiny that TDB added. Sure some are good, but there are very few people who think Dragon's Breathe (probably the best / decent in some situations), No Land Beyond, Necro or the Fourth Horseman are great weapons.

In the end i think this is a classic "it's a matter of principal" problem. Evolve launches and there is a LOT of day 1 content restricted to DLC. Regardless of how good or bad that content is, it's understandable that some people are less than thrilled that the game launched with 10+ skin packs with a season pass holding another skin pack and preorder bonus holding yet another skin with more DLC to come.

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AKissFromDaddy1367d ago


Microsoft's and Epic Games' Gears of War 3 launched with $45 worth of weapons skins on its release date. No outcry in 2011. In 2014, Sony's and NaughtyDog's The Last of Us Remastered had $131 worth of cosmetic dlc, weapons dlc, and ability dlc available a day before The Last of Us Remastered launch and a total of $151 worth of DLC seven days after it. No outcry in 2014 and that was a re-release.

WB's and Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Knight has a PS4 console exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Pack DLC, a GameStop exclusive Red Hood Story Pack DLC, and Pre-Order Harley Quinn DLC. No outcry about that and that's what's announced already. There will be costume DLC like there is in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. To get the full Batman Arkham Knight video game, it must be pre-purchased for PS4 and from Gamestop.

Mortal Kombat X has Goro as Pre-Order DLC and I bet you my bottom dollar there will be Costume DLC on it's release date and the critics will be silent.

EA's and Bioware's Mass Effect 3 launched a Promethean Character paid-DLC on its launch day. Capcom's and CyberConnect 2's Asura's Wrath had its "True Ending" as DLC. Microsoft's and 343i's Halo 4 has a ton of spartan armor DLC and weapon skin DLC as pre-orders at varies retailers, that was later sold as paid DLC.

All of Evolve's Hunter DLC and Monster DLC will be playable against or alongside people without any of the DLC. They're selling skins as DLC, which have no impact on the experience at all.

If this still bothers vocal minority, I want to see articles where Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield Hardline are getting criticized for their DLC, which isn't skin and impacts the game.

IWentBrokeForGaming1366d ago

Mortal Kombat X has been getting beat up over stuff, where you been? I read about it on here

Palitera1366d ago

The game would still have very limited content. Again, with Destiny, we told what we want. Barebones games and a rain of "expansions".

Time to harvest now.

slappy5081366d ago

I see lots of good valid arguments by people on this thread. not bad going for entitled gamers!

BongSmack1366d ago

It kind of sounds like they're just being upfront about it, as opposed to having all the content available on day one but waiting a month or a few to release any dlc, to make it look like it wasn't ready when the game launched.
I think the article said the game was originally suppose to have 4 playable hunters and one playable monster. The article also said the final game comes with 12 playable hunters and 3 playable monsters. Quite a bit more than promised.
Charging extra for the extra content may seem greedy, but remember that neither Turtle Rock nor 2K Game are charities. They need to make money to survive, and lots of money to thrive.

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XiMasterChief1367d ago

It's not entitlement when you have more than 10 pieces of DLC launch date.

AKissFromDaddy1367d ago

The Last of Us Remastered had 80 pieces of DLC before launch, then 100 pieces seven days afterwards.

JackBNimble1366d ago

Why are you defending this so hard? Sounds like you're on a crusade. And if I , the consumer , decide to pay the $70 cnd for the game, then shouldn't I feel entitled for a product that I just bought and paid for?

Just playing devil's advocate ... now go children ... go play nice.

Ozmoses1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

The Last of Us Remastered was also released 1 year after the game originally came out on PS3..

you can't use this as an example because the game had been out and those that purchased the SEASON PASS with the initial PS3 release received the DLC for the PS4 release without paying anything extra...

of course they came out with more DLC that was separate... but then again TLOU had an actual single player campaign and is one of the greatest games of the last 10 years...

yeah... you just can't compare Evolve to TLOU... even if you're trying to make some connection between games/companies and the way they approach DLC content...

it just doesn't work so stop trying so hard.

but like always DLC is a choice... you don't have to buy it if you don't want to...

AKissFromDaddy1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )


This is my last bubble and but I can't let misinformation, that's easy to look up, go uncorrected.

"you can't use this as an example because the game had been out and those that purchased the SEASON PASS with the initial PS3 release received the DLC for the PS4 release without paying anything extra"

No they did not. The Season Pass holders got screwed because it was free in the Remastered version. I never bought the Season Pass because I knew it would be free on the PS4's inevitably re-release. The Season Pass content is bundled into the Remastered version.

The Last of Us Season Pass for PS3 included:


GROUNDED MODE & MP DLC, which contains the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, Survivalist Weapons Bundle, Situational Survival Skills Bundle, Professional Survival Skills Bundle, and the single player Grounded Mode Difficulty.

Sony and NaughtyDog don't sell the PS3 version's Season Pass anymore because it's free on the Remastered version.

Even on Amazon's website of the Last of Us Remastered displays that the DLC content included is $30 worth of value, which is the Season Pass' content purchased separately.

Sony and NaughtyDag sold a difficulty mode in their Season Pass. A difficulty mode as DLC, lol.

This is DLC, which is way more than cosmetic, that the Last of Us Remastered released before and seven days its launch.
Link: https://store.sonyentertain...

To this day, the PS3 and PS4 version have an Ultimate Head Item Pack for $30.
Source: https://store.sonyentertain...

That's half the cost of the game, lol. No criticism yet.

I just want the same consistency in criticism for all AAA games, if not more for the Last of Us which sold over 8 million copies (7M on PS3 + 1M on PS4) and still released a ridiculous amount of DLC on it's PS4 launch date.
Source: http://www.playstationlifes...

"Why are you defending this so hard? Sounds like you're on a crusade."

Pointing out the truth isn't defense. At least it shouldn't be. If one publisher and developer receives criticism for DLC, pointing out the lack of criticism towards other publishers and developers in comparison to Evolve's isn't Defense.

My intention is consistency. If a publisher's and developer's get criticized, I want all the publishers and developers who do the exact same thing to receive that same consistency. I want to see opinion piece after opinion piece flooding this site about the DLC of Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD which locks Final Fantasy XV Demo behind a pre-order lmfao, Halo 5's guaranteed Day 1 DLC, Uncharted 4's guaranteed Day 1 DLC, and Lara Croft's guaranteed Day 1 DLC.

Consistency, that's it.

1nsomniac1367d ago

I'm getting sick of this "self-entitled gamer" tag line & attitude. We're paying more for games, are we getting more content? No we're getting less!

christian hour1367d ago

"Self Entitled Gamer" has it's place in certain arguments, they do exist but this is not one of those cases.

Personally I was looking very forward to Evolve, but now that it's become a vending machine for microtransactions I am not touching the thing at all.

The game feels like it should be f2p, it's acting like a f2p game with a 60 euro entry fee. At least I have a true F2P game like Loadout to scratch that itch I'll be missing with evolve.

Ah well, leaves me with more money to buy the Order and ALL the dorritos next week.

snookiegamer1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Self Entitled??? How dare this Writer act the judge & jury! Don't you dare speak on behalf of consumers. You're like a shill for these companies!

The full cost of Evolve/DLC/Season Pass is $216 if you want complete's a total farce! ...and if you're not getting paid for this propaganda, you're a new kind of Idiot!


jts18911367d ago

'Complete Experience'

Yes. Because alternate skins and such that do absolutely nothing in terms of gameplay are totally necessary to get the 'full experience'.

slappy5081366d ago

@jts1891 ANd there was a time where you'd unlock skins just by playing the game. And now cosmetic improvements are hidden behind a paywall. Gamers should be pissed, this is all the suits calling the shots

001367d ago

it's coming from self entitled journalist who don't have to pay for any of their games.

I would love to see how well the reviews would be if they had to actually pay out of their own pockets.

coppermek1367d ago

I haven't been a full staff writer for OG for probably a year now. I just show up when quick news needs to be written, or I purchased a game that I feel strongly enough to write a review about. I paid out of pocket for Evolve.

jts18911367d ago

....What? You do realize when you adjust for inflation, you are paying the same amount of money for a game today that you were 20 years ago? 60$ today is equivalent to 40$ 20 years ago. Meanwhile, games cost more than ever to make.

iceman061367d ago

"Meanwhile, games cost more than ever to make." True. But, gaming as an industry has grown since 20 years ago. There is a larger consumer pool to draw from. So, there should be more profits for publishers. Yet, we still get nickled, dimed, and DLC'd to death. I'm not attacking Evolve about their cosmetic stuff, though I think that some of it should be attainable through gameplay. I'm just saying that Publishers will continue to pass the buck for their mismanagement and bad decision making to consumers if we don't stop falling for BS practices and the excuse that games cost more to make.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1367d ago

We pay their bills so we do have say on what they should deliver......

ChronoJoe1367d ago

I don't think the complaints would be as rampant if Evolve actually delivered enough content to begin with.

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