Lots of important people want you to fund Strafe on Kickstarter

With three days and over $60,000 to go, industry and community figures reach out to encourage funding of satirical indie FPS.

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christian hour1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Already gave 100 quid to see this game made, my first time investing in a KS campaign (though theres been tonnes I wanted to invest in before but couldnt).

It might never even see the light of day on the consoles I'll be primarily playing but this game needs to exist, some day I might even own a pc that can run more than minesweeper, until then I'll be happy just knowing a large amount of PC gamers are experiencing the fun that Strafe is promising.

mixelon1340d ago

You donated £100 to a game you can't even play? Good show, man. :)

Thats heartening! When everyone's complaining about value and campaign lengths, that's really good to see.

GokuSolosAll1340d ago

If they're at all important then they have WAY more cash than I do. THEY should pay it. I only fund games I personally want, not because douches dictate.

Reminds me of celebrities and actors begging cash for causes like animals or starving kids; they could solve the issue entirely and still be rich. Eat my crapper.