Neverwinter Feels Great on Xbox One

Last weekend's Xbox One beta for Neverwinter convinced me that the game probably should have been on consoles all along. Cryptic's free-to-play MMORPG left a poor impression in comparison to its peers when I reviewed its PC release back in 2013, but there were signs of console promise even then, lurking in its heavy instancing and its unwillingness to bury players under piles of bloated abilities. Here, a simple shift in perspective allows some wrongs to become rights (and, alas, some rights to become wrongs). True, the opening 21 levels I played through haven't changed much since I first passed sentence on Neverwinter, but they felt much more enjoyable while plopped in a recliner in front of my TV with a gamepad in my hand.

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kratoz12091368d ago

Been ages since i played this.
hopefully it also comes to the ps4,
with character transfer.

Eidolon1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

F2P too? I'm in. I just don't like pay-to-win, think it will be anything like that?

Kane221368d ago

Neverwinter relies heavily on pay to win. and the pricing are horrible.

Automatic791367d ago


Did we read the same link?

qwerty6761368d ago

maybe ill give this a try when it comes out.

WizzroSupreme1368d ago

Neverwinter looks like the game I never knew I wanted.

Bigpappy1367d ago

Lol. Same here. I always knew it existed, just don't have it in me to game on my PC anymore. So I am happy to try it on X1. Looks like my type of game. Could play this for along time if it remains entertaining.

lemoncake1367d ago

The beta was good, really hope we see a lot of the better mmorpgs come over to console this gen.

HaydenJameSmith1367d ago

agreed, it's what the X1 is lacking...

Anthotis1367d ago

They should release Champions Online on consoles, like they originally intended.

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The story is too old to be commented.