The new Bronze Destiny HEROES PS4 dynamic theme looks pretty good

Yesterday new Destiny themes were listed on the PSN store as part of the new HEROES program. Turns out the Destiny bronze heroes theme looks pretty good and comes with custom sounds and backgrounds.

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GutZ311368d ago

Looks more static than dynamic. Not bad looking overall, just not dynamic in my opinion.

smoothop1368d ago

More static like you say, tell you what though I do like the dynamic themes, it'd be nice if Xbox had them, they look really nice some of them.

ChronoJoe1367d ago

The only problem I have with it is the huge Bungie and Destiny logos. I like the artwork but I don't really want my background branded by a developer.

christian hour1367d ago

Could be worse, it could say "Activision" :)

Mega241368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I don't know, but I haven't seen a better theme then the old TLOU dynamic theme for PS3, was the best IMO. Wish it could be brought back for PS4.

GutZ311368d ago

To be fair, we are less than half a year into themes on PS4, and TLOU theme was years after the first theme on PS3.

Pretty sure we will see much better given enough time.

Mega241367d ago

So by your logic, everything learned on the designing of themes for PS3 (8 years) has been forgotten? That doesn't make much sense.

christian hour1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

My personal fave from ps3 was the wipeout one, not sure if there was others but the one I had was like the vehicles being built and means tested etc like a crash testing facility.

Also that safari one (for Afrika I think?) that was free for Japanese users was pretty cool (had to make a fake jap profile to get it, and figure out how to navigate the foreign store :P)


I miss making your own static themes like you could on ps3. I spent hours in photoshop making my own custom icons, my favourite was a Calvin and Hobbes one I made.

With personal music via USB being supported now on ps4 I can't see why we can't make our own static themes and upload them with USB.

I want to secretly change my flatmates ps4 background to a police sketch of him saying "Do not trust this man".

Thats all I ask.

KuroKazuma1367d ago

i want a bloodborne theme ! :<

VER1ON1367d ago

Sound is good as well