PlayStation Exclusive Games Possibly Getting Movies

PlayStation exclusive games are some of the top games in the industry. When Sony wants attention they know they can turn to one of their many PlayStation exclusive games to get it. These games are what hold the PS4 just a tad bit higher than its competitors. Some of these games are actually rumored to be considered for movies.

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TheSuperior 1345d ago

I am really looking forward to what PlayStation is ding for movies. I think this is another reason why PlayStation is on top of Xbox. Xbox might be the all in one entertainment system but somehow PS controls games and getting into controlling movies. If these actually turn out good then I think this could be a huge market for PlayStations future.

PoSTedUP1345d ago

i want a TLoU book or TLoU sequel book. and a Uncharted movie. and yes this could be a big market for sony, or just an exclusive benifit to owning a PS4.

TheSuperior 1345d ago

Very much so. They are making this whole new world with movies that make me a proud PS4 owner. I love entertainment of all types they are delivering with games and now with movies. A+ for Sony :)

Applejack1345d ago

I plan on watching the Ratchet and Clank and Sly movies when they release. Please be good!

TheSuperior 1345d ago

Yep me too. It could go either way but to me it seems like they are putting effort to make these movies really actually entertaining and true to who they are. I hope they take the bad name way from video game movies because honestly so many games have great plotlines that would make for great movies.

SaveFerris1345d ago

The Order 1886 could make a good series or mini-series, though there are probably enough werewolf or vampire shows on TV already, huh?

TheSuperior 1345d ago

I think that actually could be really cool though too. There might be a lot of shows like that but having the game name on there could bring the show over the edge

NeMo_HeauxZ1345d ago

I agree. I think The Order 1886 could be a good idea. It seems like a cool story with cool characters, cool settings and cool weapons. I wouldn't mind seeing Sony themselves or Netflix turning it into a series. That way it can keep a mature rating. If it were released in theaters they would tone the violence and gore down way too much.

RezaFun1345d ago

Really? Like this is a good thing. Who ever decided to suggest any video game movie is good must be dumb.

TheSuperior 1345d ago

Well geeze some people might enjoy these movies. It actually seems like they care about these movies...

jdogg691345d ago

I'm still waitin for that angry birds movie...LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.