Indie JRPG Edge of Eternity Now On KS With PS4/XB1 Stretch Goals

Edge of Eternity now seeks funding on Kickstarter, with PlayStation 4 & Xbox One versions set as strech goals.

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Chris_Wray1345d ago

I'm a fan of JRPG's and it does look from their Kickstarter that they've got some work done and progress behind it, but I'm very sceptical over the Xbone & PS4 stretch goal.

To put that as a stretch goal is very iffy to say the least, considering they would surely be able to get the extra $16,000 (through a deal with Sony or MS) that they have put over the initial target for those editions.

kaiserfranz1345d ago

I agree but it's a trend lately with most campaigns to add them as stretch goals. Anyway this does look good overall, though I hope they'll improve graphics...In 2016/2017 it will be very old

geddesmond1345d ago

Maybe they want to do it completely independent from publishers

Festano1345d ago

Good news, we hope it is a good JRPG .

Relientk771345d ago

Good, we need more JRPGs

Alexious1345d ago

It looks like they're making quite a few of them now. However I really can't stand this old fashioned combat, luckily FFXV switched to action combat

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