PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales – January 2015 Update - PS4 19.05M, Xbox One 11.3M

VGChartz Writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in January shows how the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over the Xbox One and Wii U. also shows how sales quickly decline from the peak month of December.

The PlayStation 4 passed the 19 million mark this month, the Xbox One passed the 11 million mark and the Wii U has passed the nine million mark. The PS4 has sold 19.05 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 11.30 million units, and the Wii U 9.14 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 19,052,353

Xbox One Total Sales: 11,298,462

Wii U Total Sales: 9,137,844"

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Abash1433d ago

PS4 is honing in on the 20 million milestone. Should be reached soon afterThe Order's release

Letthewookiewin1433d ago

It's most likely going to be a 2:1 ratio by the end of March. Still wasn't expecting it to happen so soon if at all.

1433d ago
Cindy-rella1433d ago

amazing sales for the ps4. I'm predicting 34million by years end for ps4

3-4-51433d ago

Congrats to Sony & the PS4, but it having 10 million more sales, isn't equating to it having like 20 + more games to play on it or anything.

* A lot of those says are media hype and Loyal Fan support from those who are happy to see Sony return to form.

* There aren't that many more games for the system that would justify 10+ million more than sales compared to it's competitor.

* PS4 fans seem to have bought into the System, and are hoping the games get back to where they were when things were good...( they seem to be headed that way )

* XB1 fans bought into their system, but it was more about the Controller & Games.

* Wii U fans bought into the Wii U for it's games. It's lineup of games that are exclusive to the Wii U, that can't be played anywhere else.

* I currently have a Wii U & XB1 & and some point like 2-3 years from now, I will be getting a PS4.

Too many good PS4 exclusives will be out by 2-3 years from now, that I won't have an excuse not to get one.

So yea, I see different groups of fans buying their favorite console for different reasons.

It's never just the hardware, or just the software.

Fro_xoxo1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I own the XO. It will be my primary console this gen for two simple but crucial reasons:

Controller ( The best console controller ever created)
Live( I trust live. The track record speaks for itself)

that said,

I owned a PS3 only last gen so I got to play Uncharted games, Demons souls, heavenly sword and co.

I'll have a PS4 by the end of the year when U4 releases.

the sales are healthy all around, no matter which is selling best.

Jaqen_Hghar1433d ago

PS4 has plenty of games to justify its sales.

thehitman13981433d ago

Your whole notion that the ps4 is just rly rly funny. Not even gonna go with giving you proof or show you stats or even just go fanboy route. I'm just laugh out loud at you, like literally laugh out loud.

Yaay4me1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

from what i remember from your last comment, i don't think your a fanboy or anything, but you should look again at the exclusive lineup of the PS4, there is actually a huge exclusive gap which I would seriously consider if I could only afford one console this generation. There is way more than 20 extra exclusives on PS4 versus xbox. And whats more important is that the exclusive gap is only increasing. I've been monitoring the exclusive gap between the two consoles, and the PS4 not only has more, its also pulling ahead at a faster rate.

I just think credit should be given where it is due.

PainUzumaki1433d ago

Sony has way more exclusives coming out this year than Xbox by like 3:1. Its ok fanboy

nucky641433d ago

3-4-5, are you living in a cave? 2-3 years for games???
and what's this talk about sony games getting back to where they were when things were good??? sony has ALWAYS had great first and third party support. I've had my ps4 since march of last year and have been very pleased with the games. my big gripe is no blue-tooth support for my sony ps3 headset.

you're WAAAAAAAAAY off base with your post.

MysticStrummer1433d ago

"having 10 million more sales, isn't equating to it having like 20 + more games to play on it or anything."

If number of games is important, and I agree that it is, PS4 has more than a 20 game advantage.

Omegasyde1432d ago

Please refrain from typing any further, it hurts to read such dribble as you try so hard to pass opinion off as fact....

SpinalRemains1381432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

This is sad, 3-4-5.

You basically sound like an Alabama redenck who claims "Obama only won both elections cuz minoriteez wanted free phones."

What is so awful about the gaming world favoring ps4 over XO 2:1? Why is that an impossible notion?

DeadIIIRed1432d ago

Or maybe Sony had the more consistent message of where they wanted to take their console this gen. I'll eventually buy a second hand X1, but they tried pulling a fast one on the community with the initial used games policy and that left a sour taste in my mouth.

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Foehammer1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Great sales

PS and Xbox continue to outshine the previous gen.

Not sure why the monthly sales from a year ago are only up on X1 and WiiU?

Abash1433d ago

Probably because the PS4 launched at $400 and is still that price, while the Xbox One is $150 cheaper than it was a year ago this time

freshslicepizza1433d ago

two different models. the xbox one with kinect is only $50 cheaper than what it was.

you can tell the xbox one is a threat to those who share so much passion for the playstation brand because they continually focus on that system and not the wii u. you don't see the same attitude towards nintendo at all from them which is quite hypocritical.

when the ps2 dominated second place was very far behind. the ps4 is doing amazingly but it's not pulling away like that generation but it's still funny seeing people downplay the xb1 so much because they don't want it to sell well.

Outside_ofthe_Box1433d ago

***"you don't see the same attitude towards nintendo at all from them which is quite hypocritical."***

This applies to the side you're defending as well so the point you're trying to make is mute.

emilijo7771433d ago

PS4 has 8 million lead over xbox one after 14 months on market. not bad

Unreal011433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

That'll only get wider.

Salty disagrees :) congrats Sony.

q8kik1433d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with you
When exclusives like The Order,Resogun Defenders, HellDivers,MLB 2015 Bloodborne and Toukiden are releasing in Feb and March.

It's pretty obvious that the lead will only get wider and wider in the upcoming months.

Pogmathoin1433d ago

Great sales for PS4, but you complain about disagrees, and usually claim BS about VGChartz unless it shines a good light on Sony. This is N4G. Are you surprised ?

Yaay4me1433d ago

Helldivers is going to be a blast. Couch co-op goodness.

andibandit1432d ago

Lol @ Toukiden

Anyone else think it looks like WOW with japanese graphics....yeah give me that spiky hair and oversized sword...

q8kik1432d ago


Well i liked Monster Hunter and everyone i know who played Toukiden told me that it's the better game with actual story and faster gameplay.

So i'm stoked for it :)

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Magicite1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I think its greater, X1 is somewhere between 10-11m now.
PS4 was almost 20m shipped before 2015 ( and total install base of PS4+X1 was 28m according to AMD and Ubisoft.
So I see it as 10m X1 and 18m PS4 before 2015 and 19m PS4 and 10,5m X1 before February.

OrangePowerz1433d ago

Given that the PS4 was at over 18 million end of last year that looks rather under tracked by vgchartz with 19 million.

Manic20141433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Well the numbers posted in the article are actually "As of 31st January 2015", I think it may be somewhat accurate, considering before Sony's 18.5m announcement, the numbers by VGChartz were over tracked by around a million units.

TFJWM1433d ago

It would be considered undertracked because VGchartz seems to use shipped for Xbox1 and sold through for PS4


That is seriously impressive for the PS4 to be doing those kinds of numbers especially without any major releases lately. Well done Sony. MS you have your work cut out for you...

Xof1432d ago

Yeah. To be fair, though, a big part of that is due to the PS4 getting a lot of positive press with its reveal and Microsoft getting a ton of negative press with theirs.

What's really sad is how much less well the WiiU is selling, because it does have several big releases now. It reminds me a lot of the PS3 in its first several years: the sales just don't reflect the quality of the platform or its library. Unlike the PS3, though, I don't see the WiiU pulling a reversal. Today's casual gamers go for the big AAA action games, and that means XB3 or PS4. Nintendo isn't really competing in that market, but they haven't quite found their new niche yet, either.