Ryse: Son Of Rome Is Still The Best Looking Game On The Xbox One

IM PLAYIN discuss Ryse: Son of Rome, and why it's still one of the best looking games on the Xbox One.

"There have been plenty of 'pretty' games on the current-gen consoles, Watch_Dogs, Forza Horizon 2 and NHL 15 being amongst the best lookers. Still, despite all of the power of the consoles, and the time developers have had to get used to the new consoles, I haven't yet played a game that's better looking than Ryse."

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christocolus1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Crytek did an amazing job with Ryse but i believe Quantum Break,, Tomb Raider, Halo5 and Gears will easily top it in the graphics department. would be incredible if platinum and ms were able to pull off such graphics or even better for the upcoming Scalebound.

starchild1367d ago

Yeah, I agree. The top end games generally tend to surpass each other and get better looking over time.

I was just playing Ryse on the PC last night, though, and it definitely is in the top 3 best looking games I have seen.

4Sh0w1366d ago

Yeah, I would agree with that statement, as far as sheer graphics are concerned Ryse is a beast. It still amazes me they were able to produce those graphics for a launch game.

Trekster_Gamer1367d ago

I hope so but that remains to be seen.

headblackman1367d ago

it's still the best looking game on any console at this point in time.



WeAreLegion1367d ago

Well, that's just not true. Driveclub is almost inarguably the best looking console game until next Friday, when The Order comes out.

kingbain901367d ago

I would give ryse the edge over driveclub for sure. The Order is to close to call, maybe it topped ryse before the lighting change.

Grell5661367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

To bad it`s over in a blink. The Order that is.
@Borma:I dont like Ryse, it`s crap.

Borma1367d ago

@Grell566 Not sure that's really necessary. Besides, Ryse can be speed run in under 3 hours lol.

starchild1367d ago

I don't get what's so special about Drive Club. It's probably the best looking racing game, but driving/racing games have always had more photo-realistic type graphics simply because they are the very definition of linear. You are literally going down a track and the developers know exactly what can be seen and what cannot.

I think games like Ryse, Crysis 3, AC Unity, Battlefield 4 are actually doing more from a technical point of view than Drive Club is.

Revolver_X_1366d ago

Your honestly claiming Ryse isnt linear? DC also maintains a steady 30fps. The fps on X1's Ryse is borderline unexceptable.

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Double Toasted1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


Edit: You saying The Order looks better than Ryse on PC too? Lol, gtfoh, pfft.

Kakashi Hatake1367d ago

The PC version is almost identical to the X1 version... Just higher resolution.

WeAreLegion1367d ago

Yes. It does. I like Ryse. It's a good game. I play it all the time. But even at Ultra on PC, The Order outshines it easily.

Volkama1367d ago

Ryse on it's highest settings at 4k res pretty much stands without peer at the moment. It looks incredible. That isn't a slight on the xbox version or on The Order, just props to Crytek.

Real shame if they're really not plying their AAA trade any more.

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Allsystemgamer1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

The order looks better. I have both games. In fact I have the PC version of RYSE and the order looks better.

@ Nathan

There's a shop by my place that gets sony exclusives a few weeks early. I'm buddies with them and they sell to me early.

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Neixus1367d ago


I have it aswell, some websites ships it early you know.

_LarZen_1367d ago ShowReplies(3)
DigitalRaptor1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Ryse: Son of Rome doesn't manage to look photo-realistic.

DriveClub absolutely does on first-glance.

The Order: 1886 looks better from any angle, has absolutely no jaggies, has some insane soft-body physics in which hair and clothing moves absolutely realistically, and is consistently more detailed throughout the entire game - cinematic or gameplay etc. In fact, the only area where Ryse is better looking than the majority of PS4 exclusives released this generation, is character models and animations.

Just look at Ryse's NASTY environmental textures here (ignore the video title and just see for yourself):

You won't find any of that with The Order: 1886. If SIGGRAPH doesn't hand the "best real-time graphics" award to [email protected] this year, then we have a serious case of bias on our hands.

starchild1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Funny thing is, I've actually played Ryse and the textures are generally of a very high quality. That video you linked to was made by a known troll and he is full of crap.

Now, even though the textures are usually quite detailed, every game has a few weak textures here and there.

I don't get what is so untouchable about The Order 1886's graphics either. I see examples of fairly low res textures there too.

Here is a screenshot of The Order 1886 posted on the Dualshockers website:

In terms of things like textures and lighting how is that much different than games like AC Unity?

Ryse has a high degree of realism as far as it's lighting, textures and modeling. I can still tell it is a video game easily, however, and the same goes for Drive Club. Drive Club never looks truly photo-realistic to me. I can always tell it is a video game. And it has plenty of weak spots as well. Just look at the images Tibbers posted. Not that impressive. Other times it does look quite impressive. But this claim of yours that it looks better than Ryse is just nonsense.

TRU3_GAM3R1367d ago


real time in game graphics

C:\Users\pc\Pictures\picisto- 20150212092349-449449.jpg
C:\Users\pc\Pictures\picisto- 20150215074616-399619.jpg
C:\Users\pc\Pictures\picisto- 20150215141141-993113.jpg

mattdillahunty1367d ago

did you just try to link images from your PC directory? lol.

Animal Mutha 761367d ago

RYSE is best I've ever seen.

I can't speak for other consoles games but I'm sure its been mentioned already that RYSE is the only title that won an industry recognised award for best real time graphics.

Not sure If any games on the other platform can say that yet ;)

ABizzel11367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Ryse is overhyped graphically on XBO. The game looks good, and looked amazing at the time, but it's not the graphics showcase it once was "ESPECIALLY" during gameplay.

In-Engine it's still an amazing looking game. Gameplay graphics it's still a great looking game and among the best, but best console graphics goes to DriveClub hands down without question.

The character models in Ryse are still among the best, but not all models are created equal, and many are recycled to death. When you're on rails (literally going from point A to B, such as the forest stage / Chapter 4) then the game looks great, but a lot of the time the game is very gray / grey.

Ryse has the same launch game problems that Killzone Shadown Fall had. Both are amazing looking games at times graphically, but not all the way through. Killzone at it's best looks better than Ryse at it's best when it comes to gameplay, however, Ryse is more consistent thanks mainly to better character models, and at times amazingly dense foliage.

Killzone has better textures than Ryse, better water than Ryse, and better stage design than Ryse. Go to the forest stage on Ryse and stand on the fallen tree that over looks the river (Chapter 4), then go to the forest stage on Killzone and look at the fallen tree and look at the river (Chapter 2 I think), and Killzone simply looks better.

Then comes DriveClub and with weather on, it simply beats both games in terms of graphics. It'll be nice to see a Ryse 2, because it has a decent foundation to build upon (gameplay could use more diversity), and it won't have to worry about launch rush woes (texture pop, frame drops, etc...). And the same goes for Killzone.

As of now they're both still in the top 5 games graphically for console, but if I had to rank them it would be.

1. DriveClub
2. P.T.
3. Killzone (environment)
4. Ryse (character models)
5. inFamous (looks amazing, but being open world, gives the other games a slight edge)

Honorable Mentions: Battlefield 4, Call of Duty AW, Metro Redux, MGS: GZ, Forza Horizon 2, Alien Isolation, Far Cry 4, AC Unity.

Honestly any of the Honorable Mentions could knock off 3 - 5 depending on the person and the criteria.

ABizzel11366d ago

First off let me correct myself. Ryse graphics aren't "overhyped". As I said the game often looks great, and even amazing at times, but it's not the best looking console game. Best looking XBO game, it probably takes the crown, but it's not the best looking overall console game, although it's still in my top 10, and my top 5.

Ryse achieves it's graphics by being EXTREMELY linear, and while that should be taken into consideration, it shouldn't hold it back, because no other game before it had to deal with those issues.

However, the majority of Ryse screenshots are taken from "Cutscenes", QTE's (if you call them that), and portions of the game where you're literally on a path at best 5 character lengths wide and required to go from point A to B.

Chapter 4 aka the forest stage is the main example of that. At the beginning you see rocks and a river which looks good, but not best graphics hands down good. Then you get to a part with extremely dense foliage that's really impressive, but that part might as well be on rails until you get to the opening where you fight 3 - 5 enemies, and then continue. Considering Ryse was an On-rails Kinect game at first it makes sense, but is that really an honest showing of the game.

Chapters 3, 5, 6, and parts of 7 are literally gray to Gears of War 1 level (almost half the game since there's only 8 chapters).

Literally playing all 5 games as I type this and Killzone Shadow Fall has better lighting, textures, and it's level design is just as good as Ryse, but much more consistent in quality throughout the campaign. Ryse has character models (although Helghast look every bit as good) and foliage over KZ.

Then we go on to DriveClub and PT (tried to stick only to gameplay pics, and not photo-mode).

Ryse looks about as good as DC does, although I still give the edge to DC......

.....that is until you add weather and it's a complete blow out. DC is in a league of it's own when it comes to graphics (hard finding gameplay screenshots, because when most people are amazed by DC they go straight to photo-mode, but just to be completely unbiased I added gameplay gifs at the end).

gameplay gifs

ABizzel11366d ago

Now P.T. To wrap up 2nd place

Hands down DC and P.T. are the best 2 graphical showcases so far this gen (game & teaser). Ryse looks great, and still does, but it's NOT the best game graphically. Like the title says, on XBO YES, on console NO.

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DarXyde1367d ago

Well, Crytek has never been a slouch in the visuals department, but they could definitely do better. I'm not big on the up close graphics during combat, but it is absolutely a great looking game.

That said, I think it's as the title suggests: the best looking game on Xbox One. I personally don't feel it's the best looking game on consoles in general, but still a testament to what a game can look like in Xbox One.