The Order 1886: Retail In-Game vs. E3 2013 Target Render Comparison

GearNuke writes: "The Order 1886 was originally unveiled at E3 2013 with a cinematic trailer that showed the main cast of characters traveling in a stagecoach and then getting attacked by what was presumed to be werewolves. This trailer was believed to be a pre-rendered cutscene but Ready at Dawn later clarified that it was all done in real-time on their game engine."

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Majin-vegeta1339d ago

You can easily tell it's an upgrade.

Forn1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Yeah, it's pretty obvious. The game looks astonishingly good. Can't believe that we haven't even hit two years of PS4 being released and yet we have games that look like The Order.

combatcash1339d ago

It looks like the grayed out the color in the retail version. Looks great, but everything looks faded.

Forn1339d ago

Different areas have a completely different look. That specific area they decided to go for a foggy/muted look for a specific atmoshphere. If you watch any of the final build gameplay you can see there are brighter/more colorful areas too.

srd44841339d ago

Not to knock on the game but i'm sure many games would look astonishingly good if they had black bars and were this type of game. What would the game look like without the bars? But maybe that's because game-play is more important than graphics to me.

Genuine-User1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Almost everything has been upgraded in the retail build in comparison to the initial reveal-trailer.
Why is this site comparing press screenshots to youtube screen captures?

abstractel1339d ago

It wasn't a target render. It was running real-time on a PS4 devkit. How hard is that to understand unless you really can't tell CG from real-time? Not to mention the fact that the developers, the programmers themselves, have stated multiple times it was in real-time and that they were aiming even higher with the release (which they've succeeded at).

DoubleYourDose1339d ago

@combatcash: I agree with you. It's amazing that so many people see the gray, washed out look as an improvement. I don't know why it's so hard for people to admit that the game still looks fantastic, but just not as sharp as the alpha build. People on this site are always hyper-defensive.

inveni01339d ago

Those weren't target renders. Those were shots from an early build. The "grayed out" look is just how they decided to tweak for atmosphere and cinematic effect. It also has focus blur. Those are improvements, not concessions.

XBLSkull1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Downgrade. All that clothing went from intricate, detailed, decorative, and hi-res down to simple, lower resolution, and bland. The light casting shadows under the eyebrow have disappeared. Brick and cement textures are all lower resolution. Gun the guy on the left is holding is noticeably less detailed. Skin color went from flesh to corpse. Guy on the left has his face go from detailed to mush. Fog added to mask all of the above.

I would surrender that this is not the best way to compare pictures but going off of what is shown I can't believe some of you are saying you can easily tell it is an upgrade. Almost everything looks worse.

I hated the black bar stuff they did in Evil Within, no doubt I would hate it for this game too. You are taking away 1/3rd of the available real estate on an HDTV and throwing it out the window and making everything smaller, and thus perceptively "better" as a result.

I guess the chick did gain an earring, that must be the upgrade you are all talking about.

ziggurcat1339d ago


"All that clothing went from intricate, detailed, decorative, and hi-res down to simple, lower resolution, and bland."

.. all of that clothing is still in the game. it's in all of the leaked retail version footage... it's been in all of the screenshots/videos prior to the leaked retail footage. so, stop. just... stop. there's no downgrade.

christian hour1338d ago

@combatcash @doubleyourdose

We've seen this before in countless games over the decades, all thats changed in that particular scene being compared is the look and feel of the area, they made the lighting duller and foggier for that particular scene, it's not a downgrade just a change in environment.

The same thing happened with infamous second son (the most recent ps4 exclusive I can think of where people called "downgrade" when really it was just a change in setting/lighting/atmosphere for that particular scene being compared.)

Don't be so quick to jump the gun before paying close attention.

Dee_911338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

increased atmospheric effects and focal blur is washed out and blurry, but to say its a downgrade is plain idiotic and a flat out lie, to say it doesn't look better is your opinion.. Its amazing how you haven't grasped the concept of an opinion yet

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freshslicepizza1339d ago

an upgrade? look at the fifth one with the woman in it. there is clearly much more detail in the old alpha build. they use fog to hide detail just like they did in killzone. the shadows also define the image more in the alpha.

this game still looks visually stunning but at what cost? less freedom, qte and constant cutscenes.

PoSTedUP1339d ago

looks better and more awesome than anything on X1. TloU had QTE and was linear... and that blew the socks off of everyone. so did uncharted2. my new years rez is to stop talking to imbeciles. but it makes me feel better about my self tho so well see.

Palitera1339d ago

^ imbeciles like the ones that bring X1 to discussion when it is completely irrelevant?

OrangePowerz1339d ago

The Alpha was lacking any sort of post processing and a lot effects that's why it looks more detailed. The use fog because it makes it more atmospheric and there are some videos that have areas where there isn't fog.

What's the issues people have with linear games or cutscenes nowadays?

PoSTedUP1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

@palitera: no like the ones that simply cant see through moldybreads intentions and negativity.

*gasp* im surrounded by them.. *shoots self in head*

Double Toasted1339d ago

Looks like a downgrade to me. But whatever's.

freshslicepizza1339d ago

i can praise the new uncharted over and over and praise bloodborne over and over but hey, if you say something negative about the order it's a conspiracy or your labelled a hater. great discussion by bringing up the xb1 but that's a normal reaction from those who can't take criticism and are really attached to the hardware wars.

PoSTedUP1339d ago

hater? naw, youve only said the same thing in The Order articles passionately for over 2 months now...

oh wait, i got a good one "excessive disliking" maybe?

dont worrie you dont come off as a hater, dude ./s

jb2271339d ago

Not sure what kind of bearing cutscenes & qte segments would hold on your argument. A game can only look visually stunning if it has qte & cutscenes? All cutscenes are in engine so its not like the great visuals are all attributed to the cutscenes, and qte's are a gameplay mechanic that have no connection to visual performance whatsoever. The qte's, the black bars & the linear gameplay focused on storytelling are all creative decisions w/ impact on the title, not power concessions. They might not be your favored type of gameplay decisions, but that doesn't diminish them for those that do enjoy these kinds of games.

I could count on one hand the amount of games that offered the freedom of an open world while still telling a good coherent story. Too many games try to be all things to everyone & end up meaning nothing to most. I appreciate a developer that won't apologize for their creative decisions in favor of creating another hot buzz word bullet point for the back of the box.

christian hour1338d ago


my new years rez is to stop talking to imbeciles

Oh man, tried that so many times, but somehow their idiocy jut draws you back in for another pointless argument where they'll never see the light of day or even contemplate using logic.

I guess it's our own curiosity or our need to better our fellow man that makes us entertain such lunacy. I'm hopeful someday those youthful souls blinded by fanboy rage will come to their senses and let logic and reason in to their hearts.

I have faith, I was a colossal halo fanboy from age 15-17 and swore allegiance to the almighty original xbox (mine was cracked and could play all nes/snes/sega/whatever games and burn rented games to the hard drive so, I swore allegiance with good reason :P)

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LamerTamer1338d ago

Downgrade you mean. What happened to all of those metal pieces on the uniforms and around the neck? They were all removed and are now just flat cloth. definitely looks like they took stuff out, not added.

Greyfoxdbz1339d ago

They seem to have taken so much colour out of it. I wonder why

DigitalRaptor1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

It's called color grading, and they do it in most audio-visual productions.

Plus, this is only a specific area of the game where the atmosphere is smoggy. Check out Tesla's lab footage to show areas with richer colours.

AndrewLB1338d ago

It's actually a combination of:

-Chromatic Aberration
-added noise

And people need to quit attacking valid criticism by labeling it "hate". It's pathetic tactic designed to shut down debate on a subject because they can't back up their viewpoint. It's like calling someone racist because they don't agree with Obama's authoritarian actions against law abiding people, or the extra stupid "the science is settled" BS.

As critical as i've been of The Order, I have no hate for the game. The only thing I hate is how the hype train raises expectations so high that they can never be met.

UltraNova1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


"As critical as i've been of The Order, I have no hate for the game. The only thing I hate is how the hype train raises expectations so high that they can never be met."

What hype? Who hyped the game? Sony? RAD? Or gamers? I'll let you answer that.

Meanwhile, as I've stated before, never before have I seen such hate and dismissal for a game! I see you around n4g a lot so don't tell me you havent seen the daily "articles" hating on the Order.

If there's one piece praising it there are immediately 10 more bashing it. So I ask you again where's this hype train you're talking about?

christian hour1338d ago

I love how everyone focuses on that one specific scene that now has fog and a different lighting setup. Did you not see the rest of the screenshots?

DragoonUS1339d ago

This game have an awesome art direction. The new version have better atmosphere and mood.

CyrusLemont1339d ago

I don't know why they added so much smog and drained all the colours. It doesn't look as eye popping and grand. No one looks like they've ever seen sunlight either haha.

Still looks better than 99% of the games out there though. Don't think I've ever seen a PC game with CGI cutscene visuals like this. Sure you can throw in the highest resolution textures/bloom effects/mods etc. but it still looks like a game and not The Order 1886.

Metfanant1339d ago

its Victorian London...a dirty, smoggy place...

yezz1339d ago

People disagreeing with you don't know shit about history..

christian hour1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

The streets shoulod also be covered in shit. If there's no poop lining up the streets and people aren't throwing it out their windows from their poop jars, I'm returning this game day one and giving it a big fat 0/10


Cant wait for this game :) Can't wait to see my flatmates reaction to it either (he has seen and heard NOTHING of this game)

When it was first announced I got major Nightmare Creatures vibes off the trailer (in fact at first I thought it was a reveal trailer for a series reboot), of course the game turned out to be nothing lke Nightmare Creatures but god damn is it looking to be a very memorable experience.

I feel like I'm about to play Gears of War 1 on 360 for the firs time all over again sans awesome madworld marketing campaign (I used to get goosebumps when that ad came on in work, and I'd freak out in front of a customer, knowing the wait for gears of war was so close it was mocking me from televised ads now)

Seriously though, who's played nightmare creatures? How good was that game?!

christian hour1338d ago

3 disagrees for being excited for a game this article is about? I'm confused but... okay.

I didn't realise I wasn't allowed get excited about things, and then compare them to memories of other times I was excited for things.

Justjoined1231339d ago


Its just that, well, when footage was first revealed none seemed to care about missing fog/smog.

Now, however, anyone who dislikes greyed out colors and textures dont know shit about history?

The game looks absolutely gorgeous but personally i think it looked better with stronger colors and darker blacks.

Revolver_X_1338d ago

Its funny. The first ever reveal of The Order is a scene with fog so thick you couldnt see 10 feet in front of the characters. Now we see pics from that same scene and trolls screaming, downgrade the fog is a gimmick to hide limitations! Lets forget about all the color and vivid lighting in the hot-air balloon demo.

crazysapertonight1339d ago

Too much blur in retail version. And color palette looks strange