Destiny's Cosmodrome was Supposed to be "5 to 10 Times Bigger"

Destiny is infamous for its alleged changes during development; most notably its story the size of its playable worlds. Bungie designer Rob Adams has revealed that Destiny‘s largest space, Earth’s Cosmodrome, was actually supposed to be far bigger than it is in the final game.

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jznrpg1344d ago

I really like the design and feel of the game, the main complaint is it is a small galaxy, with small areas and it could have been so much better.

aconnellan1344d ago

That's my complain too, if I'm honest. I just remember being so disappointed with the beta after finishing the Cosmodrome missions and thinking "oh... is this is for Earth?"

Palitera1344d ago

The shortage of content, to an extreme level, is their main weapon to sell "expansions", so no, there was no chance ever to have a proper and actually full game.
The core of its design is repetition and lack of content.

KwietStorm1344d ago

I've said it before, but it's so ironic that in a game like Fallout, literally in the middle of a wasteland, where they had every reason for that world to be barren and more boring than anything, is so much more enthralling and begging for exploration than every planet put together in Destiny. It's really a shame.

LAWSON721344d ago

Shows how talented Betheseda is at game design. Fallout 4 can't come soon enough


DAMN!!! Lol very well put... I'm sorry Bungie but Kwietstorm/many others feel this exact same way.... It's truly sad how much potential this game has, is squandered away due to many stupid decisions... You guys should have definitely pushed this game back. If they would've done that and released a full product, your game could've very well been GOTY 2015 or atleast in the running...

I feel if any other game had the problems this game has, they would've been the laughing stock of the community... Such a shame...

theDivision1344d ago

And for what is supposed to be an extremely multiplayer oriented game it feels lonely most of the time. The daily heroic, the story missions, the nightfall and the weekly don't have matchmaking. Why is that? Why was that the case? I get why they don't have matchmaking for those items.

EVERYONE on my friends list (that plays destiny) is from reddit or LFG not from in game play which should never be the case in a game that is supposed to be so focused on multiplayer.

Halo2ODST21344d ago

They said each location was to be the size of halo reach

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Han_Nolo1344d ago

I thought the game was great, but I guess I expected something different. This article touches on what I would have liked to see from Destiny. Larger maps, double (at least) the fact, I thought we'd see more planets to visit as DLC. I just expected so much more.

aconnellan1344d ago

That's precisely everyone's biggest problem with Destiny (if you leave out RNG, etc). Through a combination of advertising, Bungie's pedigree, and the excitement of exploring a universe, everyone expected so much more.

I mean, it wasn't until very shortly before launch that they revealed how players travel between planets, because apparently they weren't allowed to elaborate on it (no source there, just educated guess), based on their evasions whenever the question was raised.

I'm still enjoying it, but I think we all expected more.

Tyrant 8 RDFL1344d ago

I think this is one areea everyone can agree on whether you enjoy the game or not. Is that we all thought the game was going to be much larger than what was delivered to us on release.

The gameplay is great in this game, but they really short changed us with the amount of content.

CyrusLemont1344d ago

If it was just the same stuff stretched out over a larger area, it would have been even worse for the game.

n4rc1344d ago

Sounds like honest answers..

I'd like to see more things to do besides killing stuff... Exploring would be ideal.. But I think about vog, the best two parts of that game you didn't even fire your weapon.. More puzzles, more mazes with loot hidden within them etc

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