Review: ‘Life is Strange: Episode 1- Chrysalis’ | Science Fiction

‘Life is Strange’ is an episodic game series that has a lot of potential due to its focus on its characters and its unique approach to decision based gameplay with its time rewinding mechanic. While it suffers in how it pushes its plot forward at times, the game still winds up being one that is natural, intimate and personal.

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WizzroSupreme1367d ago

I want to play this when all the episodes come out. Looks interesting.

LackTrue4K1366d ago

there is a demo of it on psn, and well it was some what good. but the demo stops abruptly....out of no where. and it kind of sucked that happen. cuz it could of been/had a good cliff hanger....but na. I feel they dropped the ball on the demo hard.

SolidDuck1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

I played it and really enjoyed it. Starts off kinda cheesy, but I got hooked and will be getting the rest to see where the pretty interesting story goes. The rewind time to make diff choices idea is very unique.