Top Five Couples In Video Games

Science Fiction: "Valentine’s Day is here and whether you are in love or feeling love lost, there is nothing better than admiring the love shared between fictional video game characters, be it romantic or not. Okay, maybe that sounds a bit wrong. But for those who are fans of seeing the running sagas of canon or non-canon shipping between video game characters in a story, you’ll definitely understand what I mean by this when I enlighten you on some of my personal favorite couples in video games."

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Bansai1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Johnny and Meryl?


Snookies121343d ago

Yeah, their pairing kind of came out of nowhere. There wasn't enough time to really establish their relationship by the time they actually came together.

RedDeadLB1343d ago

Snake and Meryl in MGS1 > Johnny and Meryl.

Anything including Snake > everything else.

Maldread1343d ago

Agree with all of you. Johnny and Meryl was just too stupid in my book and one of the many reasons why MGS1 and MSG3 was a lot better than MGS4.

WizzroSupreme1343d ago

Shep and Tali from Mass Effect were my top couple.