Bungie Designer Reveals Xbox 360 and PS3 Hindered Destiny

Many gamers’ concerns over the latest generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is that they’re currently hindered by their predecessors, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This trend is largely present in cross-gen titles, such as Destiny, which was lauded as a ‘true next-gen’ experience prior to launch. According to Bungie, however, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 weren’t up to the task, and held the newer consoles back.

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SaveFerris1340d ago

So why did they make Destiny for last-gen consoles then? And was the lack of story in-game because of the 360 and PS3?

vishmarx1340d ago

is funny because it seems most of the games demographic has moved on to next gen already and the last gen sales were abysmal

freshslicepizza1340d ago

bungie and activision bet on install base sizes. they wanted to sell the game to an already large install base of over 160 million potential customers on the ps3 and xbox 360. but when they are asked why no pc version is available it's because they don't have the time because they already have 4 platforms to support.

we need to get away from last generation support if we want to get he most out of the newest technology but it is riskier because you have a smaller userbase. it's a catch-22 and destiny was not cheap to make.

DougLord1340d ago

It sold more then 3mm on PS3 and 360. That's great for most games.

BattleAxe1340d ago

This is nonsense. Hardware doesn't hinder a story, or voice chat in the tower LMAO

abstractel1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I said this all last year and I know multiple other people have too (including, whether or not you like him as a personality, Cliff Bleszinski). To make a proper new-gen game it's not about just upgrading textures or polycounts. To truly upgrade gameplay you have to focus on one level of hardware parity.

_IF_ a developer (who probably would have more passion than brains) wanted to make a game exclusively for a PC i4790k, SLI 980GTX, they could pull off both gameplay and graphics that just isn't possible on today's consoles or parity driven console to PC ports.

UltraNova1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Did this guy just try blaming old gen consoles for a lackluster, DLC chopped up, laughable story Online FPS game they purposefully released on 160 million potential users for the sake of more $$$$$$ ???

WTF dude? GtFO!

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kevnb1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

It wasn't the lack of story that hurt it, it was the mmo like features that weren't even half baked and the incredibly repetitive and shallow gameplay. Even the pvp was lacking thanks to bland and tiny maps. Even if they added a decent story the game would still be sub par.

deecee331340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Don't really understand why last gen had to enter the discussion. Didn't really feel the game was technically lacking at all- it looks really good and plays fine. It's just all the grinding for points that dragged it down.

linkenski1340d ago

Because of their publisher, Activision.

I know EA forces their online infrastructure systems and frostbite on most of their developers nowadays because it's "in-house" and cheaper for everyone involved and part of what makes frostbite profitable is that it's built to scale well with weaker hardware, so the desire to use frostbite and thus having cross-gen games is a big desire for EA, one could assume, looking at the facts. I reckon it's just the same here.

Halo2ODST21340d ago

So it's because of last gen that Destiny lacks a story, all the missions play like Firefight/Horde mode, lack of voice chat in a 'community' game, and only allows the multiplayer to have 2 modes - domination & team death match, oh okay then, lets blame this on last gen, wait a second, Halo 3 was on last gen yet it did not have any of these problems...

d0x3601340d ago


Obviously this was the case. When the core of your game has to support 7+ year old hardware right along with new hardware something suffers. You can boost resolution, you can make the lighting better but that core is still there.

Thank Activision for that and basically every issue with destiny. It was all about money and artistic merit or mechanics involved in making a great game were not important to them. I'm shocked the game isn't full of micro transactions to he honest

JasonKCK1340d ago

It's kinda funny and sad watching Bungie dance around the truth that Destiny is just lacking, and not as great as they were expecting.

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Hellsvacancy1340d ago

But we went and did it anyway, thanks for your cash

doritos1340d ago

Is last gen the reason bungie left out the story, item trading and all the other stuff this game is missing?

d0x3601340d ago

No that was Activision forcing Bungie to take the game called destiny and cut it into 3 chunks. 2 of which are dlc.

Naga1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Except the DLC doesn't exactly redeem the story, which is all rising action and hardly any exposition or meaningful climax.

Drithe1340d ago

And because they want to put Destiny 2,3,4 and 5 on the ps3, we will always be behind a bit eh?

Bungie fracking sucks.

bananaboats1340d ago

blame activision for the lack of Destiny content

d0x3601340d ago

I don't think destiny 2 will hit older consoles but Comet might. There is a reason your save file is server side and you can switch back and forth between ps4 and ps4 or 360 and xb1. Its so all those people who bought the older console version can upgrade and not lose their progress...unless they switch console brands.

Tedakin1340d ago

The problem with Destiny wasn't technical or graphical.... it was the decisions made with the gameplay itself, and the loot system, and all that...

Battlefieldlover1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

The gameplay is solid. The only issues with destiny is poor and over used mission designs. The things that you need to play to enjoy destinys real fun, it's strikes and raids. Also the loot system and abundance of currency that forces you to grind like no thee game before it. But it's mechanics are solid.

d0x3601340d ago

Well of course the mechanics are solid. The mechanics are halo. The feel of the weapons, vehicles, character movement...all of it is identical to halo. That's why the game feels so good and is fun to play. Its everything else that's an issue and that is probably more Activision's doing than bungies

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