The 7 Least Romantic Video Game Romances

Topless Robot: "Video games and love have a long and often awkward history. There's the classic quarter-century courtship of Mario and Peach, and games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age have (generally) well-written romances. But then there are couples that make you cringe just thinking about their relationship, whether it's Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X bonding by braying in each other's faces like angry sheep, or Sonic the Hedgehog falling for a human princess twice his height and zero times his species in the Game That Shall Not Be Named. It's hard to condense complex emotions and years spent together into a 30 hour game, so let's be generous and say that these next 7 titles... struggled."

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WizzroSupreme1339d ago

I'll never understand the fascination around Mario and Princess Peach. The sad result of her Stockholm Syndrom with Bowser, really.