Far Cry 4 is great value at £25.18 on PS4

Dealspwn writes: Far Cry 4 deals haven't been great since launch, which is a shame as we really want you to buy it and enjoy the good times. Thankfully, it's now available for just £25.18 if you use the WELCOME discount code with a new account. If you can't be bothered with the faff, it's only £27.98 without the code, which is still the cheapest price around.

Far Cry 4 takes the action to the Himalayas and once again proves to be one of the greatest names in open-world gaming out there. Admittedly, many of the mechanics are the same as FC3, but the new setting makes everything feel fresh enough to dive back in. Plus you get to ride elephants into fortresses or play in co-op with a pal controlling the gyrocopter. PS4 owners will find some 'Keys to Kryat', DLC codes to give to their friends so they can play co-op with them for a few hours, without even owning the game.

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