Mortal Kombat X Will Feature More "realistically proportioned" Female Fighters According To Dev

Everyone who played Mortal Kombat knows that the game is one of the most realistic in it's genre but that the portayal of women is a little exaggerated. According to the developers the female fighters will be more "realistically proportioned" in Mortal Combat X (releasing April 14) than we saw in the 2011 Motal Kombat Reboot.

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CursedHero1341d ago

Well, they live in an alternate reality so, Lizard Men aside, I don't see why anything has to be near real. What's next, giving Goro two small arms? Lol

SaveFerris1341d ago

You mean to tell me the female fighters in Dead or Alive aren't 'realistically proportioned'?

nyobzoo1341d ago

now if only they could fix the faces of their female characters

gamer78041341d ago

Mortal Kombat is realistic? Cyborgs, lizard men, people shooting ice from their hands? another dev falling victim to artistic oppression by a vocal minority.

RedDeadLB1341d ago

That's good news, the female characters in MK9 were way too male looking. Come to think of it, no character in MK9 is realistically proportioned.

NiteX1341d ago

They just mean smaller T&A. They will look more like guys than ever now.

RedDeadLB1341d ago

Design wise it's a step in the right direction. I mean come on, female MK9 characters had shoulders as wide as men and jawbones like Kurt Russel.

Generally speaking character design was horrible in MK9. I still laugh uncontrollably when I see Liu Kang when I play. That shit's ridiculous.

TXIDarkAvenger1341d ago

Actually, they will be less exposed now and not looking like strippers.

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The story is too old to be commented.