Check Out The New iRacing Trailer

iRacing.com have recently released a brand new trailer for their racing simulation iRacing.

Entitled “iRacing.com – the Definitive Racing Simulation!” the slightly longer than one minute video shows you what you can expect within the famous racing sim.

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iRacing purchases NASCAR gaming rights from Motorsport Games, new title 2025

A new NASCAR console game is set for a 2025 release under the stewardship of iRacing, following the sale of NASCAR Team Properties' gaming license by Motorsport Games.

TheColbertinator59d ago

iRacing to me has always been a difficult series and giving the developers a chance to make a NASCAR game sounds intense.


Holy shit! This is going to be the beat NASCAR game since Papyrus was closed down.

It needs to have all the tracks, all three series, a single player experience, and a season/career mode both in solo and multiple player.

And added bonus if they allow for a full season point system.

Iceball200059d ago

I’m so pumped when I heard the news. I hope it’s not a let down but we’ll see. I still play NR2003 to this day, the mods are crazy good. Talking about mods hopefully this will support mods, at least on the PC. An other this is like to see is SuperGT play this and get his take on NASCAR.


BMW’s M Hybrid V8 LMDh and GTP racer coming to iRacing in December

BMW's IMSA and Le Mans Hypercar competitor has been developer for iRacing and it is scheduled for release in December 2022, before its on-track debut next season.


DRAG by Orontes Games headed to PlayStation, Xbox; iRacing invests in future games

Back in December of 2021, iRacing made headlines when they acquired Orontes Games, the developers of the Early Access title DRAG. On Thursday (9th June 2022), iRacing announced that an updated DRAG game is headed to consoles in the future.