Possible F1 2015 Shots Leaks

There has been no news on F1 2015 for a while however this leaked shot could tell us some bit's of news

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TheSubaru20121433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Oh and for those who are reporting, the original facebook post got removed and this was the only image left

EDIT: Found a time capture of the original post

Macdaddy711433d ago

Omg I hope Sony brings f1 to ps4, the f1 on PS3 is the only reason I bought a PS3, n f1 is the only reason I bought a ps4 hoping they would already released it by now,...I love the way they use the crew chief in f1, maker of NASCAR games need to take a page from Sony f1..

crazychris41241433d ago

Looks like they are close to hitting 1080p60 fps on the PS4 which is a must have for a insane speeds and reaction times with F1 racing. No word on the Xbox One version in the images but I hope they can achieve 1080p60fps on both.

TeamVVV1432d ago

I hope that Codemasters will actually try to make us feel like an F1 driver in an F1 driver's world. Ever since F1 2010 it seems as though we have gone backwards in terms of feeling like a real F1 driver.