Ready at Dawn: The Order 1886 is a good example of future games

Ready at Dawn believes that their upcoming The Order: 1886 will be a good example of what you can expect from future games.

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SaveFerris3215d ago

The future is bright for home console gaming.

Bansai3215d ago


Took a guy 5 hours to finish the game, you can see the whole playthrough on his YT channel, now give me those disagrees from people in denial.

If this is "bright future" then I'm selling my ps4.

TehDroiD3215d ago

I just finished Chapter V and I played about 4 hours now.

MasterCornholio3215d ago

And there are people who beat it in 10 hours.

Explain that.

keki3215d ago

your way of thinking,it should take you a good solid 20 hour or more.

T2X3215d ago

Good, sell it. Who cares? LOL! I'm buying it. It looks good to me, and it will definitely take longer than 5 hours because I play many other games too. In other words, people bitch because they might only be able to buy 1 game a month or less and they want the most bang for their buck. Understandably. But I don't have that problem. So again nobody cares if you sell your system. You're one of millions and nobody cares. Same as I, same as all of us. Once again. You-Are-A-Grain-Of -Sand-On-An-Endless-Beach. Nobody cares.

bellome3215d ago

Speedruns alway existed.

PowerPlayaaa3215d ago

And there's a guy Who completed Dark souls, you know that game, one of the toughest games to beat. He finished the game within 60 min.
Explain that ;-)

Nekroo913215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

You're posting youtube comments wow....

I was at Lisbon press conference, i already got the game so i can tell you, you will die a lot. Its not a run and shoot game like gears, you need to take cover or you'll die in a matter of seconds.

I think its going to take me arround 11hours to beat it (Hard), and after that im looking at the platinium trophy.

For me it should get arround 85 review score, i doubt it will get any higher because its a sp only game and some critics are retards.

SaveFerris3215d ago

If he did then he is undoubtably better at playing videogames than I. I tend to take my time playing singleplayer games, exploring and picking up items (for trophies) and dying quite a few times before working out how to pass a level. It'll probably take me twice as long to complete The Order 1886.

harrisk9543215d ago

Nice trolling... the guy that beat it in 5-hours skipped EVERYTHING that was skippable, was playing on easy and didn't die once because of that.... he didn't look at any side content or do anything other than what was necessary to move through the game... There are stories all over the internet of it taking people 15 hours to complete... I'm generally slower at games and will not be playing on easy, so I expect 15 or more for me... AND, no one complained about any of the Uncharted games' times to complete, which was about the same. This game is getting any unfair amount of criticism before most have seen much of it.

El_Assenso3215d ago

And there are several people who have completed the game in 10+ hours....your point Bansai?

Scatpants3215d ago

You should probably never play games again. Also stop posting on game message boards.

majedx93215d ago

you can beat GTAV in 8 hours(JUST STORY).

rainslacker3215d ago

One of the trophies for the original Sonic the Hedgehog game re-released on PSN is to beat the game in under 40 minutes. Can you say you beat Sonic in under 40 minutes?

Just because a game can be completed in 5 hours doesn't mean that everyone will do so, and likely no one will on their first play through. This 5 hour guy skipped everything, story, collectibles, trophies, etc. If that's how you play your games, then you are really missing out on a lot.

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AndrewLB3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

How is the future bright? It's a $60 game that's looking like it's far shorter than everyone is saying. A guy on youtube posted his recorded play-through while playing on medium difficulty and here are the chapter durations.

Chapter 1: 29 minutes
Chapter 2: 16 minutes
Chapter 3: 46 minutes
Chapter 4: 24 minutes
Chapter 5: 35 minutes
Chapter 6: 7 minutes
Chapter 7: 6 minutes
Chapter 8: 21 minutes
Chapter 9: 43 minutes
Chapter 10: 4 minutes
Chapter 11: 11 minutes
Chapter 12: 5 minutes
Chapter 13: 5 minutes
Chapter 14: 5 minutes
Chapter 15: 10 minutes
Chapter 16: 6 minutes

Add that all up and you have 273 minutes or 4 hours, 33 minutes. It was the guys first play-through, all cutscenes are included, and it's clearly not a "speed-run". He actually played the game somewhat like a normal person.

The guys over at NeoGAF must all be having heart failure right about now, and the guys who said they weren't finished and had clocked almost 13 hours have some explaining to do.

If this is the future of gaming, a game less than 5 hours for a normal play-through, super linear, mostly QTE cutscenes, with hardly any replay value...

My brother's gonna be pi$$ed cuz he pre-ordered it.

Edit: And before you all give me a thousand disagrees, you should realize i've done you a huge favor and saved you $60.

Ricegum3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Slow down, you'll give yourself a heart attack. Can't wait to buy this game. And no, my $60 is certainly going on this. Thanks for trying to be considerate though!

MazzingerZ3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I have yet to play a game that is 4-5 hours long...really guys, any game is short if you run through it but that's rather your problem for not enjoying games...I always look around, always suspicious of even boxes LOL...I take it easy, go around, shot at the wall, at the floor, etc

Designers and devs creates a world and some people just run through it because they have a backlog of games to play or want to get online asap to keep playing their favourit FPS with buddies...

I always find amazing when I found in a game a little rum or cool stuff that is just standing there and wonder how many players actually stands there like me and admire it and how many miss that, regardless, always cool too think designers takes their time to include those small details in a game.

Please, don't tell me how long it takes for me to beat a game...those stated 4-5 hours games are one of the biggest BS bashing arguments in recent gaming history

OB1Biker3215d ago

is that a joke? 5/6 minutes for whole chapters???

must be missing some stuff there (I dont want to watch as dont want spoilers)

El_Assenso3215d ago

Andrew you moron, the guy done a speed run on EASY mode and SKIPPED everything he possibly could to finish the game ASAP! Get that through your head. Jeez, what is it these days.

Don't like the game, don;t buy it. I for one will for sure be buying the game

FunAndGun3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Nope, still buying it and giving you a disagree.

Edit: why does every hater in here who is downplaying the length of the game have one bubble? That tells me everything I need to know. Single bubble trolls are never trustworthy.

WESKER20153215d ago

do you exude the same effort for that robbery that is evolve?, maybe you should focus more into practices that are actually hurting gaming like 2k games and turtle rock studios selling an incomplete product then charging you for the rest of the game later on, just a suggestion my friend, the order is your typical story driven game, we have seen many before it, why is this now an issue?

DigitalRaptor3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )


Look how SALTY and DESPERATE this game is making the fanboys. Notice how AndewLB doesn't link the playthrough out of fear that he will embarrass and expose himself. It's amazing to which obsessive lengths certain people will go to to stalk a game that they have no interest in to downplay its quality and its brilliance.

I've spent way more than $60 on the collectors edition and don't think someone with an agenda to crap on PS4 exclusives will make me cancel my pre-order. ;)

KnownAsEpic3215d ago

Lol i have the premium edition preordered. Can't wait!

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BigBosss3215d ago

you mean like the penis we just saw in the other video lol :P

AutoCad3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I hope not.. Game play through on YouTube took 5-6 hrs with the guy saying 80% is cutscenes..I think I would like more bang for my 60.

mezati993215d ago

Having completed it myself i say bullshit on this one, people want this game to fail so hard it's getting really ridiculous.

Toiletsteak3215d ago

I hear the game length is all over the place people saying it is 4,5,6,7,8 hours to complete, i agree it is most likely people wanting this game to fail, how many hours did it take you to complete?

mezati993215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )


9 hours. on hard


that walkthrough was ridiculously fast, the guy was speedruning the whole game. Jesus even dark souls can be finished in 1 hour. and i think The YouTube video everyone is talking about is missing 6 chapters i have no idea Why won't someone from RAD just come out and say roughly how long the game is? it will shut up some people on the internet

EvilWay3215d ago

So a guys playthrough with video proof is bullshit?

Stay in denial my friend

T2X3215d ago

Even if it takes 8hrs It's still worth it IMO. So much hate over a toy for God's sake! LOL!

Charybdis3215d ago

Remember the same discussion with ryse which was said to be about 5 hours averaging out at 7.5 hours. Basically it would be a good rental and a good showcase for graphics.
Have watched a bit of the play through it does appear to be the case that the order has more cinematic which does seem to support the vibe of the game, could mean different things for different people.