Quake 2 on Xbox 360: the first console HD remaster - id Software's launch game had 1080p60 support

Digital Foundry:
Over the past few years the high-definition remaster has become a popular way to enjoy classic games, using more powerful hardware to deliver an enhanced, higher performance experience. Looking back, Sony Santa Monica's brilliant God of War Collection in 2009 was clearly the catalyst for this new trend, but the reality is that id Software produced a remarkable 1080p60 HD remaster that shipped at launch alongside the Xbox 360 four years prior. The game? Quake 2.

During a recent binge on retro games, we found ourselves marvelling at various console conversions of classic id shooters. The Xbox 360 conversion of Quake 2 was released exclusively as a bonus disc packaged with the horrific Quake 4, and we were impressed by what we found: an optimised 1080p, 60 frames per second rendition of the classic id shooter, released at a time when the console itself was physically incapable of producing a full HD output - which may explain why its charms were overlooked at the time.

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Volkama1343d ago

Video should have had a spoiler warning though. Cos seeing how fast and visceral fps games used to be has spoiled modern games all over again lol. None of that hiding behind a pillar waiting for your health to regen ;)

InTheLab1343d ago

Always thought SSM started the HD collections. Interesting...

Deep-throat1343d ago

I've seen people say the same thing.

Yeah, not true. But the GoW Collection sold a lot, that's why some companies wanted to do their collections.

Also people forgot about the amazing Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3 (maybe the first remaster on PS3)

NarooN1343d ago

Yep, Tekken 5 DR on PS3 had a full 1080p framebuffer and the game ran at a locked 60fps. And that was back in 2006, lol.

Volkama1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The first HD remaster? Ah so it's their fault. I'm going to write them such a scathing letter!

Though in fairness, they did give it away with Quake 4 rather than trying to sell it as a full price game. Perhaps I should save the ink for someone more worthy.

WESKER20151343d ago

im sure quake 2 had a storyline, correct me if im wrong

lfc_4eva1343d ago

Wasn't Quake2 the first of iD's games to support 3D cards on pc?

I'm sure I got it to play on my 3dfx voodoo1 card at the time.

OpenGL1343d ago

I think it was their first to natively support OpenGL, Quake 1 didn't support it at launch.

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