5 Reasons Why The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Be The Best Witcher Game Yet

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be the best game in the series get, find out the 5 reasons why I think that's so.

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CursedHero1344d ago

I hope so, and those r good reasons!

Bansai1344d ago

To ME, it will be the best game this year hands down, well, maybe MGSV will be on par, but I dig witcher fantasy world a little bit more.

decrypt1344d ago

Witcher 1 was pretty low budget but was amazing.
Witcher 2 was even better.

I have high hopes with Witcher 3, i just hope they dont go the way bioware did by streamling the game for the wider audience.

zeal0us1343d ago

I hope they get rid of the crappy QTE fist fighting system and the silly meditate to drink potions bs.

Justjoined1231344d ago

The leap from the original witcher to Assassins of Kings was huge, so i dont doubt for a second this one will improve in just as many ways from the previous one.

starchild1343d ago

Totally agree. CD Projekt Red seem to improve so much from game to game. I can't wait to play The Witcher 3.

IrisHeart1344d ago

Because it won't play like the first two boring games set in a mythical game with very few actual mythical creatures in it? Even though you are a Witcher who's very existence is to be an alchemist and hunt down monsters? Maybe the protagonist won't be an unlike-able ass? Maybe there will be somebody within the game I like this time? Sex in games don't make the game better either; but copying what made Skyrim games good might. Tough love CD PROJEKT RED.

mixelon1344d ago

Wait you hated dandelion? How can you hate dandelion? XD

There are loads of creatures in the Witcher games.. ? Ghosts, werewolves, harpies, fishmen, big tentacle monsters, goblin-ish things, trolls, zombies, vampires, dragons.. What more could you want, really?

It's totally cool not to like it, but it is how it's supposed to be, true to the books etc.

IrisHeart1343d ago

Set in a mythical world/only 6 different things to kill outside humans. (Bitcher 1/2) world. I get that they follow the books but let's not lie to ourselves here.

mafiabrett1344d ago

The only wish I have with Witcher 3 is hoping that they keep the complexity of the past games. Forcing us to use our brains to solve quests or puzzles, and to not dumb down the game for newcomers/casuals. Thats all I wish.

Dude4201343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I know this is just merely nitpicking the article, but I feel like I should point out something. For the monster hunt reason, the author's description of how in depth it will be actually describes the depth of monster hunting in the first Witcher. When playing the second game, I noticed the developers didn't go into as much detail for any monster you faced, just a very brief desciption.

That said, if the developers are going to provide more rich details on each monster in Witcher 3, then that will be awesome.