Boxing Angel Brings Bishoujo Fashion To The World Of High School Boxing

You train, customize, and throw the punches of a high school boxer on the way to the world stage.

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Unauthorized Obscenity: The Mature Internet, DOA 5, and Women in Fighting Games

With Dead or Alive 5 coming to the PC, a thrum has erupted in the modding community as many eagerly await the release. Developers ask that fans be PG in their modding, but how naive is that? AUTOMATON's Peter Martin affirms: very.

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Here’s Hoping that Boxing Angel gets a Local Release

Richard of PopCults.com writes "Still, I am willing to give Boxing Angel a shot when it releases later this season. I am not sure if the game will be made available in North America upon its release, or if at all, but I am kind of hoping that it will because it does seem like the kind of game that would find a market in the US. Maybe not a huge market, but even a devoted core of fans could make the game a viable success in the US. So I am hoping that even if the game may not immediately be available in the US when it releases, it could be made available sometime soon afterwards."

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