Face off: Is betting bad for e-sports?

In Face Off, PC Gamer writers go head to head over an issue affecting PC gaming. Today, Evan and Tyler argue whether or not betting on e-sports is a healthy part of its growth, or if it will only lead to more problems like the recent match fixing scandal.


The PlayStation guide to Esports | Play, compete and win prizes from your console

Everything you need to know about competitive gaming on PS4 and PS5. PlayStation Tournaments, Evo, Open Series matches and how to get involved and win prizes.

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Atif Butt Wins the Tekken World Tour Finals 2022, Goes Undefeated Throughout the Tournament

The Tekken World Tour 2022 has recently concluded, with over twenty-four players battling against one another, qualifying either straight from the Tekken World Tour 2022


Venezuelan university UCAB bets big on esports education

Courses, esports competitions, and the possibility of creating careers associated with gaming has come with the new announcement of UCAB's Gaming Hub.

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DaniMacYo481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Cool. There’s a lot more to esports gaming then just playing. I know some who have become esports commentators or hosts there’s many types of jobs involved in esports.