More Details on Destiny's Next Update

If there’s a game that’s received as much post-launch attention as Halo: Master Chief Collection, it’s Destiny with its consistent tune-ups and tweaks. The next update, 1.1.1, includes buffs and nerfs for most weapon classes, a Faction Rep Menu, and a fix for one of the most infuriating glitches of all time – the Heavy Ammo’s Disappearing Act. You can read the specific adjustments for each weapon class below.

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SnakeCQC1341d ago

I haven't played this game in such a long time. I might just sell it.

brich2331341d ago

Same I quit around Thanksgiving, and only played it like 1 or 2 times since. I was addicted from release date too thanksgiving week though.

SnakeCQC1341d ago

It just feels pay to win. You have to buy dlc to level past their overt level blocks! That's why sooo many people are quitting the game.

brich2331341d ago

Yeah, I quit right before the dlc came out. I hate it when games split the community. That needs to go asap.

Griever1341d ago

I quit near the time of DLC release too. It was just too expensive for the amount of content it offered. After that I started playing FFXIV and realized what a true MMO actually looks like and plays like. The size of the world is immense and varied, there are numerous dungeons to explore with varying difficulty modes, superbosses to kill, numerous raids, unique gear etc. I realized how much of a pale imitation Destiny was.

Seraphim1341d ago

actually they gave all players new gear to hit lvl 31 that argument is mute. You couldn't hit lvl 32 because you couldn't play the Raid and you couldn't get the new Exotics but you could get all new gear and weapons to hit lvl 31 and the DMG max on weapons...

Tru_Blu1340d ago

I have the DLC and can tell you it seem's like less content since the DLC. Everyday it's one of the 3 dark below missions for daily and seems every other week it's that stupid Ominigal strike. Only reason I keep coming back is doing the raids with my friends.

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Mr-Dude1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Meh, after TDB they have some serious big issues to fix to stop people from leaving. À couple of story missions, strikes and a raid isn't going to fix it. They fix every cheese and exploit, but the real issues? Nope.... (Heavy ammo bug, VoG glitches etc) tentacle face Xur never sells heavy ammo synt anymore... Wonder why? All for artificial prolonging the game, because there is so little content

After the HOW Destiny will go to the shelf for a long time, there are much better games out there and coming out this year. Me personally expected much more from Bungie

martinezjesus19931341d ago

Dont you Destiny haters have games too play instead of writing whole paragraphs on gaming sites of why you dont like Destiny?

TotalSynthesisX1340d ago

Don't you Destiny lovers have Destiny to play instead of complaining about other people's opinions on gaming sites of why they don't like Destiny?

Mr-Dude1340d ago

I am a day1 player, paid €99 for this game, so I have a right to hate Destiny for what it is right now, and what bungie promised us.

fOrlOnhOpe571340d ago

Be nice to finally give my legendary shotties some hands-on time in PvE.
Good fun, especially in the Rocket Yard.

T2X1340d ago

I like the game, but they really needed to have damn matchmaking for everything!!! WTF. I get they wanted players to get their friends involved, but really. Most people I'm friends with are always playing different games at the same time and don't have the time or the game itself to go on these friggin (I need 6 people for 4hrs) raids etc. Just automatically join us up with like minded players so we can see the damn game we bought in it's entirety.

PsylentKiller1340d ago

I know it's not a perfect solution It's a good site to find people who are looking to raid, do the nightfall, bounties, etc.

I agree, there is not enough content to bring back those who feel they've been slighted. I feel like the content is more on the skimpier side as well. However, the gameplay, the way it controls feels amazing and that is why I continue the grind towards 32 for my Titan, Hunter and Warlock..

bananaboats1340d ago

no matchmaking for raids, period. tell me what will you do if they added matchmaking for VoG and Crota's End, and they pair you up with a bunch of low level, crappy weapon having guardians? or when those players nerd rage and quit out the game? you'll bitch and complain even more that matchmaking doesn't work to you favor! Not having matchmaking for raids in a good idea.

Like Psylent said use atleast there you can see what weapons people have and if they have the exp. with certain raids.

T2X1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

I would be glad. 90% of the time when I join people they do stay for the whole duration. Note to you, everyone doesn't "Nerd rage quit" all the time. maybe for you they do for some reason. "TO my favor?" that would be anyone joining automatically. Many other games BTW have this and simply put, if you don't have any friends you know available, an auto match making option would be good and they could very easily match you with same level people BTW, it isn't difficult with the amount of cash Bungie has on tap. I enjoy it very much, but seriously, don't try and defend shoddy design choices like a bozo. The same with the communications system sucking until they tried to add an option to "Opt in" etc and it still isn't that great (Call of Duty has better comms BTW). Every other game does it correctly, let everyone talk and if someones being a dick, we can mute or kick them and don't try to tell me this communication choice was for "my benefit so immature gamers don't ruin my experience". Same goes for having to log into a stupid website for "Lore" or cards or whatever they tried to do. which should have just been linked into the actual game for ease of access.

bananaboats1339d ago

good opinion. Im not defended anything so dont resort to name calling. I like no matchingmaking because i like to know who is joining my party before they do....saves me the time from having to kick players who arent "geared" well enough for a raid. I'd probably still be lvl 31 if there was a crappy raid matchmaking.....all those rage quiters out there. When it comes to finding 5 other like-minded players i'd rather not leave it up to a random matchmaking for raids, everything else i really dont care about so I still say no to matchmaking.

T2X1339d ago

Sorry! Meant "Like a Bozo" not that you are one! LOL!

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