Jurassic Park: Aftermath - New Screenshots Show off the Cretaceous Cafe

The creator of Jurassic Park: Aftermath has released some new screenshots from his upcoming freeware project, Jurassic Park: Aftermath, showing off the Cretaceous Cafe.

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Rimeskeem1344d ago

I need a good dinosaur game in my life.

Captain_Wormy1344d ago

PS4 is supposed to be getting a Dino game pretty soon..I forgot the name though.

TheLeapist1344d ago

Primal Carnage: Extinction
It's already available on PC and is receiving ok user reviews thus far.

matrixman921344d ago

PS4 version got scrapped. If you are talking about the same one I am thinking of. The primal carnage one right? They scrapped it to put more effort into the PC version if i remember correctly

crazychris41241344d ago

Orion Prelude is a horrible game on Steam but its like those chessy sci fi movies. So bad its good especially with friends and its only 99 cents

matrixman921344d ago

Unfortunately I dont think this will be it. I dont even think there will be any sizable gameplay...just walking around the island seeing locales. It looks cool though. Hope I am wrong, but I dont believe they have shown any kind of gameplay whatsoever

Psytrix1344d ago

The PS4 version was supposed to be receiving a single player campaign, but it's been scrapped. Along with the game which has fallen into development purgatory.

Captain_Wormy1344d ago

Ah, thank you.

Lol. No but that game looks like it's going to be amazing!

PoSTedUP1344d ago

wow i have... hype(?) for this game? nice.