PS4, Xbox One Install Base is 60% Higher Than PS3, Xbox 360 Install Base After First 15 Months

The January 2015 NPD results show that the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One in the US once again. But putting competition aside, the group’s latest report also reveals that both consoles combined are selling remarkable well overall. NPD analyst Liam Callahan said:

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DarkOcelet1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Which is pretty damn awesome. Hopefully they keep selling at that pace. I can see the sales of the PS4 rising in Japan this year because of PersonaV/MGSV/DisgaeaV. And with its exclusives it has to offer. I can see it passing 35 million easily this year because of The Order 1886/Until Dawn/Uncharted 4/Bloodborne/Persona V.

The Xone will have a big push too because of Halo 5/Tomb Raider/Forza 6/Scalebound/Quantum Break. If they announce Gears of War trilogy with Gears IV beta at GDC or E3, that will be awesome too

All i can say is that gamers everywhere wins. And those idiots that are saying console are dying are still idiots ^_^

Captain_Wormy1341d ago

You callin' my moms an idiot, bro? 😐

DarkOcelet1341d ago


Except for you mom. There, are you happy now?

Rimeskeem1341d ago

Who was the idiot that said consoles were dead?

freshslicepizza1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

they are not dead but there is a retraction. the wii was a huge hit so if we take the wii u into consideration then there is less consoles sold compared to wii/ps3/xbox360.

will the new generation of consoles (wii u/xboxone/ps4) surpass the ps2/xbox/gamecube era of consoles sold? this is what we should be paying attention to and what line of growth or retraction is occurring overall.

imt5581341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Unfair comparison! Problem is X360 and PS3 didn't launch in same timeframe ( PS3 one year later ), PS4/Xbone did under a week.

Kribwalker1341d ago

They add the first 18 months of each the 360 and PS3 to get that conclusion, which is something that has been said for a while, the PS4 is selling insanely, but by all means, the Xbox one is also ahead of last gens mark, and can also be said to be selling well, just not insane like the PS4 is

HaydenJameSmith1340d ago

Your comment:

Really odd that you write a comments in any DX12 related news. What, MrX taught you well? Don't play a nice guy here or how i should say : flip-flop

Quote :

" And every developer should be using the full potential of all platforms (including PS4) when making a multiplatform games anyway and it goes without saying for first party studios"

Oh, really you mean that? I don't think so :

My Reply:

It's always GameNameFame and imt558 under DX12 articles downplaying it to high heaven. For guys that have zero interest in Xbox or MS ye sure do spend a lot of time in these Xbox/DX12 articles...

Imt558 I comment on these articles cause I'm quite interested in it (not that that has anything to do with you) and the only reason I said that, which was last year, (speaking of which why are you stalking me, you no-life weirdo... are you seriously that pathetic. That comment was made ages ago.) was because it would upset ye Ponies (and I rather regret saying it cause PS4 does have fans who are genuine and just like gaming unlike you hateful fanboys). Are you telling me you haven't ever said something without thinking or with anger towards a particular group of people and regretting it. (Oh wait ofc not your a PONY and ye are never wrong right ?)

But I love how you continue to reply to my comments (only quoting and replying to part of my comment, never replying to the whole thing...) and paste comments I've made from other sites out of context (why don't you paste the other comments I've made saying I don't hate PS4 just it's fanboy community for the most part) just like how all you Ponies miss-quote Phil Spencers tweets... ye are all the same.

And I can't win with ye ponies, even when I say something overall neutral and fair (you just say I'm flip floping) and exactly what developers should be doing you still just argue with me. Man you are the ultimate PONY!!! Seriously I haven't met any other Fanboys as bad as you, I have no problem your console of choice but your the one on X1 articles and arguing with every xbox fans all the time and downplaying everything you see... I doubt you even play your console seeing as most of your time seems to be invested into stalking me or promoting PS and Bashing Xbox on N4G. I've said this before, don't reply to my comments and stop following me across the internet you weirdo.

Man people like you must love anonymity you get when commenting on the internet, I'd love to confront you in real life and see if your brave enough to comment the way you do across the internet when your within punching distance.

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