MGO3 dev tweet Q&A includes MGO4, Sound Tracks and Graffiti

Recent MGO dev Q&A highlights includes MGO4, sound tracks and more official announcements coming in soon. Also, the graffiti option would be epic if they can implement it for real.

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KingKelloggTheWH1394d ago

Oh geeze....this sounds bad
And some fans are worried with the new Class Based System
Q: Oh, another question. I read in game informer that its a class based system now. Does that mean skills like MGO 2 are gone?
A: it is a class system but we have yet to detail it publicly, we'll talk more on it at a later date
A: we made MGO3 from the ground up with ideas we feel work very well, we'll show/discuss more about the class system

Q: however we'll wait for more news before deciding mgo3 a downgrade. Fans just scarred we lost what we loved!
A: try to think of MGO3 as getting a new game you might really like vs preserving an old game you once loved

Q: kinda hard when its not a new game. Its mgo3* renaming it would go a long way
A: it's different in the same way MGO1 was different from MGO2 and aligns with the aesthetic and innovations of MGSV

I want MGO3, not some new franchise. MGO3 should be a sequel that builds on all the good of the previous ones.

Nitrowolf21394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

I think the last question really says a lot. MGS5 is different than all the other MGS game, but you know you are still playing a MGS game, just with some big changes. Ground Zero, though vastl;y different than any other MGS game out there, still felt very MGS as it had all the elements still intact. I consider MGS5 as much as MGS game as all the others.

I think thats where he's getting at with MGO3, or at least I hope he is. I would hate for it to be the opposite where it's a completely different game in terms of feel and such.

ps4gamer19831394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Stupid western devs are already going to mess this up the moment they announced a class system and removal of hold-ups. Why did kojima give it to westerners??

Naughty Dog is the only western team I would trust with this (or at least guys who made Counter Strike). But ultimately, the original MGO2 should be doing this, not merely just checking-in on how badly the Americans are screwing up.

hkgamer1394d ago

the dev answered your last statement. mgo3 will be different, similar to how different mgo 1&2 was. mgo2 was totally different to 1. so what do you want?

can we not judge the game after we play it?

not holding up players does seem pretty sad though. can't remember mgo2 much but im guessing that was the fun factor sneaking behind someone to hold them up?

ps4gamer19831393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

No I won't wait. MGO3 moght be decent but it won't have that careful attenti9n to detail that the Japanese have. MGO2 had that same level of depth found in the Dark Souls and Monster Hunter games--except that it's PVP. No American studio except for maybe Naughty Dog can capture that depth. America's ADHD culture can't do MGO any justice. Plus with these idiots disregarding major staples of the franchise in exchange for western cra0 like class systems (which give us LESS options), than NO--these are not good signs. MGO3 isn't looking like an MGO game. At least not having Japanese finesse.

alex73771394d ago

I noticed a problem with them wanting feedback, if they cant say almost anything about the game how can we make it better?

hkgamer1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

i think they were the worst questions ever asked. also sounded like a raging fanboy more than anything else.

"Q: however we'll wait for more news before deciding mgo3 a downgrade. Fans just scarred we lost what we loved!
A: try to think of MGO3 as getting a new game you might really like vs preserving an old game you once loved"

interviewer being very rude to the dev. not saying you can'tbe rude but how pissed off would the dev be if someone is getting ready to criticise it as a downgrade before even touching a build of a game. after all we did see quite a nice trailer for the game.

i would like to add that western devs are seen as better devs for mp. mgo has been good but not good enough for the servers to stay up. kojima has put trust in these devs and some of what made mgo great seems to have stayed in here. lets wait for a beta before acting like pathetic fanboys.

anyway bad interview, asked stupid questions.
also asking about 30+ players or even a gta comparison? that interviewer is retarded. 16-24 is a good size for mp. more i think a out this interview the more pathetic i think some people are.

Fez1394d ago

I just watched the trailer after reading this article and it looks amazing! It definitely looks like an improvement over mgo2. I'm glad it's not just the same game again.. And hopefully this time it doesn't take 10 minutes to find a match!