Upcoming PS4 and XBOX One Exclusives to be Excited About

GamerBolt: "Regardless of the fact that we now have very powerful gaming consoles available with all sorts of cross-platform AAA-tiered releases, the truth is that exclusives still drive the market."

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Fro_xoxo1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

What about the other XO exclusives?

Must have missed Forza 6 announcement.

Ori and the blind forest releases next month...

How can you list ps4 games without listing Uncharted 4?

Snookies121368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

It's from Gamerbolt man, terrible site... Missing exclusives on both sides is just sad.

EvilWay1368d ago

Many people including myself do not not believe uncharted will release this year. Naughty Dog does a amazing job but likes to take there time and release a finished and polished product

thanhgee1368d ago

That can be said about every single game releasing in 2015... And who are these people you're talking about? I have only heard about 1-2 people actually say that.

getrektedmate1368d ago

This list is missing a shit ton of games lol

BigShotSmoov0071368d ago

Yeah, Very incomplete list. A lot missing on both consoles as far as exclusives.

Spore_7771368d ago

Awaiting Part 2 of that list.

1368d ago
ManAnimalX1367d ago

what about "No Man's Sky"?

anyone got odd's on this game releasing in 2015 for PS4 or PC?