Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will Be The Biggest Game Of His Life

We are all looking forward to see how Tomonobu Itagaki latest project Devil’s Third turns out, so it’s always encouraging when Itagaki shares more information about the action title on Facebook. Itagaki says that Devil’s Third is the biggest game of his life and he looks forward to sharing more information with us soon. He reiterated that it has taken two years to create the concept and has seen four long years of development. Let’s hope it turns out to be a massive success for the team.

"Hey gamers gathering here.

I know you guys are craving for the latest information on Devil’s Third. Devil’s Third isn’t a simple shooter, but an unprecedented massive shooter to be played by tons of players. So there’s many things to set before we release it. The game contains a lot of elements well over the volume to be provided by two regular games."

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masterfox1346d ago

and is on Wii U ? not sure if trolling..

mikel10151346d ago

If it's what allow him to make it then yeah, don't be a dick about it

mikeslemonade1346d ago

Here we go again with Nintendo ruining franchises like Bayonetta..

That's like one of your favorite developers making a game for a PS3 and not PS4. Now would that stand? No.

But when someone makes an exclusive for WiiU it gets praised. I don't see the logic in that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

Go home, Mikeslemonade.

You're drunk.

Nintendo didn't ruin the Bayonetta franchise, and you're just bitter that your console pride forced you to miss out on the greatest action game of 2014.

CocoWolfie1346d ago

oh no, he's actually serious :') I've seen a few articles on this and he seems to really care.

Metallox1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

That doesn't have anything to do here, it could be his biggest game ever on any other platform as well. Also remember that Nintendo picked up the project, so it's not like Itagaki really wants to see his game on Wii U.

Still, doesn't matter because one of the things you like to do, masterfox, is being a troll on Nintendo's related content.

Anyway, we'll see whether the game is good or bad. From what I have seen, I may say it looks average but fun. Still, anything can happen.

Big_Game_Hunters1346d ago

only one person trolling here.

3-4-51345d ago

There are actually 3 known trolls who've already posted on this topic so far.

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

No, we're QUITE SURE that you're trolling.

As for Itagaki, if this is his biggest game, then I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm seeing and will be supporting it.

hkgamer1346d ago

biggest game doesnt mean the most sales.

if its talking about sales or other things like that then it can not compete with how big doa is.

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IVanSpinal1346d ago

Ninja Gaiden (XB) for life

Sy_Wolf1346d ago

Ninja Gaiden is a NES game.

InTheLab1346d ago

It is but Itagaki worked on the XBOX version as lead. and the NG games of old could hardly be considered biggest games of his career.

InTheLab1346d ago

All of those disagrees for the truth. Itagaki had nothing to do with the NES versions......

Monstar1346d ago

Game will die wiiU and online LMFAO!

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

It's because of "gamers" like you that the Wii U's third party multiplat selection isn't as great as it could be.
Well, that and the fact that there's a lot of third party multiplats that quite frankly weren't done right on the system.

The online is incredibly solid when you've got good internet; both Smash and Mario Kart 8 run smooth as melted butter if your connection doesn't suck.

And it's free.

It wouldn't die quick if you'd give it a chance rather than coming here just to troll.

Oh, but silly me. What am I thinking?

Your console wars matter more than supporting a good game.
Just like all other dudebros.

Monstar1346d ago

errr, blame nintendo for that and their stubborn ways...i honestly think nintendo is racist in some ways and won't do much concerning western games/developers.

It's NINTENDO'S fault that everything is kiddy and underpowered...fact!

InTheLab1346d ago

At some point, you're going to HAVE to blame Nintendo for the wiiu's failings.

Are you seriously saying some dude on n4g is responsible the shortcomings of Nintendo's online?

I know how you feel about 3rd party titles. You pretend like the wiiu is the only console to get mediocre to bad ports as if the first 5 years of the PS3 didn't happen.

Sooner or later you'll acknowledge that Nintendo isn't as perfect as you imagine them to be.

The fact is, games of this type have a poor track record on Nintendo consoles. Stretching back to last gen, name a single hardcover title that broke a million on the wiiu or wii? Remember Conduit? How about No More Heroes? Bayonetta? And before you start comparing Bayo 1 to 2 and install bases, consider this. Heavenly Sword on the PS3 with a similar install base sold over a million and 1.5 for its lifetime. Do you really think Bayo can match that with how poorly the console is selling?

So is it really trolling to say this guy might be disappointed with how this game performs?

It sure as hell is trolling to blame 3rd party failures on a dude in a thread.

browngamer411345d ago

Not sure why you have so many disagrees-it is smooth-I play multiple titles online with hardly a hint of lag, and yeah I never pay a dime for it, it's easy to to disagree with something you've never tried though I guess...

jcnba281346d ago

I feel sorry for you bro.

AJBACK2FRAG1345d ago

Sorry but this game has great potential! Unlike you're uninformed comments.

Vandamme211346d ago

Go back to team ninja please

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Team Ninja's fine without him for the moment.

We should be glad he's putting forth such incredible efforts on this game.

hkgamer1346d ago

didnt team ninja/tecmo not pay his commission/bonus? i think it was tecmo's fault so cant blame him from moving on.

that guy did seem to not like making games on playstation devices though. i remember he prefered doa on saturn and doa2 on dc. he also disliked the sigma games for ps.

however, most people would probably agree with me that ng black was probably the last great game him or team ninja has made.

Concertoine1345d ago

DOA 4 was alsogreat, i'd say. Even though NG 2 was rushed and imperfect, i'd also say it beats most action games these days

ZeekQuattro1346d ago

Good to know. I am buying day 1. I love quirky games like this.

AJBACK2FRAG1345d ago

I would love to get some more information on this bad rider! I will be playing this one for sure!!!! Four years wow!!! That seems like a long time for development!

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