Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition coming to PC?

Rely on Horror: Noticed by the savvy folks on NeoGAF, the European ratings board (PEGI) has rated Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for PC/Steam. Resident Evil 5 may already be available on PC, but today's potential news points toward a complete edition of Resident Evil 5 on PC with all DLC included (including Lost in Nightmares, previously unavailable on the platform).

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Captain_Wormy1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Aargh! Bloody shit! I thought it read PS4 I got excited for nothing. Well..have fun with it PC gamers RE5 is a helluva lot of fun if you got buddies to play with.

Spartacus101394d ago

The game is shit, you cant move at all while aiming so it ends up being a game about triggering enemy spawns, running as far as possible, then picking them off.