Lucius 2: The Prophecy Launches On Steam

One Angry Gamer "Shiver Gamers’ Lucius II: The Prophecy has officially launched on Steam. The game brings more ways to kill people, more gore, more limb-hacking action, fire-burning antics and city-leveling demonic powers for players to experiment with in the sandbox-esque horror game."


Controversial Horror Game Lucius 2: The Prophecy is Coming to PS4

How better to start off the morning of Halloween than with the news of a truly horrific game? Shiver Games’ controversial horror game Lucius 2: The Prophecy is probably going to be summoning the devil on your PS4 sometime soon.

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_-EDMIX-_2954d ago

Nice, looks like a good "meh" horror buy for a once over.

DarkOcelet2954d ago

I loved the first one :) You wont bother to replay it but i guarantee you will like the time you spend with it.

_-EDMIX-_2954d ago

I'm always down for horror once overs. MOST times I don't go back and play a horror title. Only a very, very small few are staple games I play almost twice a year lol.

RE 2002 remake (now playing the PS4 version)
RE Code Veronica
Evil Within
Silent Hill 2 and 3 etc

But I find most horror titles I play, I just play once and leave it at that lol.

I'll check out the first title as I've heard its worth the playthrough even if just once.

Also thinks for the heads up, I just bought the first one on Steam for like 99cents lol

Steam's horror sale is something serious!

DarkOcelet2954d ago

For 99cents! Thats a steal!

For me, when i love a horror game. Things can get a bit out of hand :).

I remember finishing Dead Space 2 on HardCore mode and Zealot mode on the same day.

The Evil Within, i finished it 8 times in 10 days :D. Yeah, i am crazy when it comes to horror games.

Anyways, i hope you have fun with the game :)

Yui_Suzumiya2953d ago

I chose picking up Resident Evil: Revelations 2 over The Evil Within yesterday (tide me over until Fallout 4) because I want the DLC packs but they're the same price as the game right now. Wasn't there supposed to be a GOTY edition releasing? Been waiting to play The Evil Within since it was announced.

_-EDMIX-_2952d ago

I actually would have gotten Evil Within over Revelations 2.

Revelations 2 is good, but its nothing like Evil Within good, Evil Within is hands down one of the best survival horrors to release in the last 10 years.

Revelations 2 is not a bad title, but its a once over for me due to lack of lots of survival elements that are in past REs. Revelations 2 only brings a few elements back but remains a once over for me.

Evil Within being directed by the creator of the RE series before the junk with 5 and 6. Evil Within is as survival horror as it gets, like Dark stated, it has a huge amount of replayablity due to being able to beat many levels is different ways, orders etc.

eddvdm2954d ago

From what I've seen is not as - let's say - "well put" like Lucius 1 but very fun. Expect it to be rated M/18, though.

FoxyGotGame2954d ago

Coming to PS4 awesome! ...I am vaguely familiar of Lucius because of the Controversy...

But what about an X1 version too? /

Wallow2953d ago

I remember watching a random play through of the first game some years back. I wouldn't say it's a horror game more like a stealth game but either way I enjoyed the play through didn't seem like a bad game at all. I was not aware they made a sequel might watch another play through now or buy it.


Lucius II - GameSpot Plays

Zorine and Jess delve into the murderous mind of Lucius and do some very bad things to unsuspecting NPCs. Expect gas tank explosions and deceptive donuts.

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Quick Look: Lucius II

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was getting people to stand in one spot so they could be electrocuted.

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