'Kingdom Hearts III' 5 Features Fans Want Most: Release Date, Worlds, Story And Gameplay Discussed

Christopher Groux:
"Kingdom Hearts III is one of this console generation's most anticipated titles. As fans lie in wait to play the final chapter in Sora's original keyblade legacy, let's consider five essential characteristics that the next series' entry needs if it intends to live up to that hype. In this Design & Trend original feature, we'll discuss "Kingdom Hearts III's" release date, story, improved gameplay mechanics and possible new Disney worlds to explore."

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-Foxtrot1368d ago

Frozen? I really do not want to see Frozen, I've seen and heard enough about it. Most over rated Disney film ever, hell even Tangled was better then it.

DarkOcelet1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I honestly don't want Frozen but look at it from a different perspective. Frozen is very popular right now so this will help the sales of the game and in return it will mean more Kingdom Hearts games. I am pretty sure it will be there there whether we like it or not because it prints money.

-Foxtrot1368d ago

Disney in it's self is popular, they really don't need to shove in Frozen for "more sales"...seems cheap and I'm pretty sure we'll get more Kingdom Hearts games regardless.

If people are going to buy KH3 just for Frozen then I pity them.

Yi-Long1366d ago

For me, the thing I want most out of Kingdom Hearts games, is the option to play with the original Japanese voices, where possible/available.

Every game should include the option for the original voices.

Fireseed1366d ago

What are you smoking? Frozen is easily a Disney classic.

WelkinCole1366d ago

I didn't get it. It was just a bit funny and the plot was so straight forward and uninteresting.

Musical score is nothing compare to other Disney classics like The lion King, Beauty and the beast or Little Mermaid.

My opinion.

Honestly. I really tried to like it.

I honestly want to understand why you rate is so highly?.

I actually rate Wreck it Ralph higher.

Yi-Long1366d ago

I didn't care much for Frozen either, while I absolutely LOVE Tangled (Rapunzel).

Frozen had too many songs, and the whole story just didn't make much sense to me, as in I thought Elsa (and her parents) overreacted and the whole story was based on that premise. I also didn't really like any of the characters, while I loved all characters in Tangled (the horse, the villains, the tough guys in the pub, Flynn, Rapunzel, etc).

I LOVED Rapunzel, liked Ralph, didn't care for Frozen, and haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, but that looks cool.

colonel1791366d ago

Tangled was amazing! I also can't believe that Frozen is popular. The movie was a mess plot-wise, and character-wise.

WelkinCole1366d ago

Kids love it to bits.

I think because the characters are cute and the musical score is the best Disney has produced for a long time now but still pale in comparison to the 90's Disney classics.

qwerty6761367d ago

i want a story thats not confusing and doesnt go all over the place

colonel1791366d ago

The story can't be confusing anymore because it will focus on the key blade war, and it will finish Xehanort's plot.

KH 3 will focus on Xehanort reuniting with the 13 darknesses, and Sora and friends gathering the 7 guardians of light to fight Xehanort. The climax will be the Keyblae War. Pretty straight forward.

YamiMarik1366d ago

I don't care what they put in as long as it isn't Star Wars.

Fireseed1366d ago

My number one feature...

1.) An actual release.

GokuSolosAll1366d ago

More Square presence over Disney, thanks.

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