5 Reasons Why Movies Based on Video Games Fail

While video games have made efforts to recreate or continue some of the greatest works of the cinematic arts, Hollywood has failed to show the same kind of professional curtsy. Here are the five reasons why movies based on video games are always a disappointment.

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stanr1433d ago

My money is the new Hitman movie will be another disaster or even worse. Hollywood never learns form its mistakes.

porkChop1433d ago

It's not even a Hitman movie. There's no stealth, it's just a generic action movie. And the guy isn't even bald! Agent 47 is bald, he doesn't have a shaved head. If the dude didn't want to shave his head then just find another actor, he doesn't even look or sound remotely like Agent 47.

Relientk771433d ago

Uwe Boll, for one

ugh terrible director

stanr1433d ago

Also Sony really needs to dump Jordan Vogt-Roberts in favor of Joss Whedon for the Metal Gear Solid movie.

Magnus1433d ago

Easy they rush trying to cash in on the franchise. Shitty story, shitty actors, shitty directors, depends on the budget. How close is the movie to the actual game story. Just like why do games based off movies suck.

lemoncake1432d ago

The directors, writers etc are always so obsessed with putting their own stamp on the movies and in doing so loose what made the original game stories and characters good.

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The story is too old to be commented.