Valentines Special - Couples in Gaming

There has been a lot of love stories told in games, some meaningless encounters while others turning bad. Men have literally went to the depths of hell to save women (Dantes Inferno, Shadows of the Damned) epic stories of people fighting the odds to save the one person that is the most important to them. Watching the many stories unfold has always been a joy to me, even the crazy stalker relationships have been interesting. Bioware especially have been very good at handling relationships, games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect have many options of romance. I would have loved to list them but there are so many I couldn’t choose which characters I liked best. The relationships are built up during the game reaching their peak before the final encounter, you can even have sex, I mean “make love” with different species. Blue Aliens, green Aliens, things with horns. Gaming has always pushed my imagination and told movie-worthy stories and beautiful romances. Head over to Twitter and let us know your top gaming couples!

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