Nintendo abandon plans to launch Nintendo TVii service in Europe

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo of Europe have announced that they have abandoned plans to launch the Nintendo TVii service across Europe.

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Serrafina1340d ago

I guess they're wondering about which television shows can Nintendo support.

Metallox1340d ago

I think it's because no one uses the service in North America.

Gemmol1340d ago

no people use it, just click a show and see all the comments from people. The person above is right, thats been the problem since it came out.

pcz1340d ago

just what the wiiu needs, less support and less features.

RosweeSon1339d ago

Unlike another company of the Big 3 Nintendo are more worried about the games not watching telly on their Games console.

Summons751339d ago

Meanwhile Sony gets rid of Vita apps Near, Maps, and Youtube but there it's the best thing in the world for them to cut unused features while here "nintendo are determined to destroy".... funny how that works.

pcz1339d ago

really? i have no idea what sony are doing with their apps, neither do i care. same applies to microsoft.

this is about nintendo. i remember when the wiiu was announced/revealed, they pitched tvii as one of THE major features of the wiiu, making it some sort of media hub, to seamlessly integrate into your entertainment set up...

so for them to axe plans to bring the service to europe is a massive fail, and only illustrates how poorly thought out the whole thing was/is. it also highlights everything that is wrong with nintendo right now- they talk the talk but arent doing the walking.

YET AGAIN europeans are getting the short straw, with nintendo not giving them everything that was advertised. yet again westerners are being hung out to dry. this isnt just about tvii, it also extends to the games... where is fatal frame? do we have to write a petition to get this game? its outrageous, as if the support situation isnt bad enough as it is.

Ninte1340d ago

Damn my laptop broke before xmas and ive been using my wii u for the Internet since its the closest ive got to watching tv series.

ZeekQuattro1340d ago

They are missing much. I don't use the feature on my Wii U. I have noticed Nintendo doesn't advertise it here in the states anymore either. I used to get notices about upcoming sporting events. Now crickets. It was a useless feature to me. I don't use Microsoft equivalent on the Xbox One either. Just seems like a waste of code and space to me.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1339d ago

They never did advertise in the states

ZeekQuattro1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Stupid double post. My browser went crazy on me.

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The story is too old to be commented.