Xbox One System Software Update Releasing This Weekend; Changelog Inside

While the Official February system software update has been released a while ago, Microsoft has continued to tweak the dashboard, releasing two follow-up updates to preview members. Those are being rolled out this weekend to everyone.

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Ctiboi20103150d ago

You can't complain about this, I'm glad Microsoft is constantly tweaking and updating the system. It shows they really are paying attention.

ThatOneRiggaNob3150d ago

Judging from what happened to the 360 we should have all seen this coming. Same will happen to the PS4. I can't imagine what these consoles will be like by the end of 2016.

ThatOneRiggaNob3150d ago

@Yarbie1000 it never hurts to make the existing stuff work right? I don't know why I got disagress but oh well.

XBLSkull3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

"I can't imagine what these consoles will be like by the end of 2016"

Well if the progress since launch is any indication, Xbox is gonna have a ton of new features and you still won't be able to tell if you have a launch PS4 or one with the latest updates.

mkis0073150d ago


...2 button screenshots ftw!

GameNameFame3150d ago


They don't want to hear ps4 will improve too. Even though facts are that ps4 has tons more to unlock.


Even Brad said don't expect dx12 to give edge or close gap since it will get same features.

Spencer came out flat right and said it won't be dramatic.

n4rc3149d ago

Disagrees probably come from you guys constantly trying to bring the ps4 into Xbox one articles..

We get it.. Your ps4 gets updates too.. Who gives a shit? Aren't there ps4 update articles you could be posting in?

You guys are so insecure..

Spartan1193149d ago


Really.....Really.....SMFH!!! !!

No one on here mentioned anything about DX12 and yet here you are spewing the same dribble that you spew in every single F@#king article. This article is about OS updates and features. Nothing to do about DX12. You talk more about DX12 then every single user on N4G combined. Give it a god damn rest already. No ones give a crap whether Phil Spencer replied to a tweet 6 months ago saying the differences wont be dramatic on XB1. He never said there would be "NO" change did he?

ThatOneRiggaNob3149d ago

@n4rc I don't even own a PS4 atm lol. I only game on my Xbox One. Wii U and PS4 coming soon though.

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Macdaddy713150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Only way you can hit the Disagree tab on this post is to be a Sony fanboy!!! Cause how can you disagree bout MS tweaking there updates, that's just dumb!!!! Sony damn sure won't do it they have a hard time sending out updates, I know I own both,... N yes before a smart butt says ps4 is perfect n don't need updates, that's a bunch of BS!!! Ps4 OS needs a lot of updates n tweaks

Sensiblesteve3150d ago

Ps4 does not update this often what you on about

SoulMikeY3150d ago

More updates mean they need to fix more mistakes. Less updates mean they did it closer to the right way the first time.

mhunterjr3150d ago

Not really... sure some updates have been fixing mistakes, but the majority have been features added that simply improve the product.

dcbronco3150d ago

Hey, can someone let soulmikey know that Microsoft is about to do a major update to Windows 10 on the Xbox One so the updates might be background stuff in preparation. Just FHI.

srd44843150d ago

That's great that they are listening to feedback. I read about some issues the last update gave some and it looks like MS found a fix. Cant complain about it. At least we can still play online when the updates occur.

meganick3150d ago

I can't wait to install this in my PS4.

ThePresentIsAgift3150d ago

I'm definitely noticing the difference in fluidity in February vs December usage of the bone, obviously noobsquad DDOS didn't help haha.

It makes more sense to me now, snapping between the media apps and gaming-its pretty sweet, used to be laggy as fock.

Just waiting for my 32 inch Samsung led to arrive, good times.

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