Capcom's Breath Of Fire Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

The Capcom and Square Soft (this is before it became Square Enix) team-up Super Nintendo RPG is now available on Wii U's Virtual Console.

Originally released in 1993, Breath of Fire features character designs by Keiji Inafune, who is often credited as being the father of Mega Man. In the game, players take on the role of Ryu, who is among the last surviving members of a race that can turn into dragons. This initial entry in the series went on to inspire four sequels, with Breath of Fire 6 planned for release this year in Japan on mobile devices.

When we reviewed the game way back in 1994, we awarded the game a 9. We also reviewed its Game Boy Advance re-release in 2001 awarding it an 8.

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Relientk771394d ago

Wish we could get a real Breath of Fire sequel

not some lame mobile game

Genova841394d ago

Agreed. I recently replayed this game, and though it's enjoyable it's dated like most tjrpgs.

I have a difficult time playing the tjrpgs of old. The arpgs (secret of mana, illusion of gaia, soulblazer) on the otherhand still hold up.

Feriku1394d ago

All right! I've only played Breath of Fire 3, so having 1 and 2 available on the Wii U is fantastic.

WizzroSupreme1394d ago

Sure wish we could get a new Mega Man on a Nintendo system. Guess we'll have to settle for Mighty Number Nine. Not too bad of a trade, I suppose.

maniacmayhem1394d ago

Such a fantastic JRPG. I suggest anyone with a WiiU to pick this up and tell Capcom that we want a new Breath of Fire.

1394d ago
kingdip901394d ago

Release breath of fire 3 on the PlayStation store and make money hand over fist! Come on capcom grow some business sense

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