Is Alien Isolation Popular Enough To Have A Sequel?

Did Alien Isolation really sell enough copies for Sega to announce a sequel for it?

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getrektedmate3150d ago

I loved this game so much! I hope Sega considers a sequel!

CorndogBurglar3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

I would like a sequel too.

I would also like these guys to make a proper Colonial Marines game.

We need another good Aliens shooter considering the last good one was AvP 2 on PC like 15 years ago.

Kingdomcome2473150d ago

I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I loved the game.


Without putting it elegantly but putting it bluntly.... You're Goddamn right GOTY 2014 lol... OT: hell yes it deserves a sequel... Just imagine multiple aliens if not multiple alien species, running on ceilings and walls, etc... The only thing I'd be worried about is if they'd turn down the difficulty due to the many casuals who bitched that is was too hard. They also need to keep the length the same, it wasn't too long, all they needed to do was get a little more creative with the story/backtracking, but even then I had NO problem with it... back to playing games

DarkOcelet3150d ago

I think 1.78 million copies sold is not bad. Hell, even the developer said they were very happy when they made it past 1 million units. So yeah, i would welcome a second part gladly.

ABBAJESUS3150d ago

Maybe finally good Aliens(alien 2) game?

DarkOcelet3150d ago

Yeah, Maybe they can recreate James Cameron Aliens right. They already did an excellent job with Isolation. The studio is talented and seems to love the Alien franchise and is handling it with care.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3150d ago

Coming after the mess that was colonial marines, I think those sales are outstanding. It needs a sequel for sure!

Summons753150d ago

I don't really think it needs a sequel. It was a great game but I feel it's tied too much into the movies to do anything more with. However, if they did a Predator game THAT would be awesome. Could you imagine having to go through the forest or city having to hide with the Pred hunting you, no weapons, no way of knowing where he is except from the sound of his clicking. If you get killed you get to see the heat vision kill cam.

Str8Chaos743150d ago

Great idea, would love to see this.

porkChop3150d ago

That would be awesome, man. We need a proper Predator game, no AVP stuff.


With all due respect I completely disagree with your OPINION, the next game doesn't have to be directly tied to the movies as they've tied up enough with the first game. Who says we still can't be Amanda and she do her own thing? Or even a new character all together? It just takes a little originality and creative thinking is all. But as a huge fan of Predator ( more so than aliens even ), I agree 100% they should make a predator game and using the formula from aliens ( aka cat and mouse style) as you said is an excellent idea/opinion. Bring that SH!T on today lol... Now if only we can get the Devs to not pay attention to these casual, "it's too hard" noobs ,and keep listening to the core fans that love Isolation as is, then we'd be cooking with baking soda. 😁

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