Law & Order Smears Gamers. Who Is to blame?

Much of the mainstream and gaming press has spent the better part of the last six months demonising their core audience as reactionary, hateful, and violent – and that’s where the show’s creators found the sensational material they were looking for.

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hazelamy2406d ago

how about you blame the idiots sending death threats.
the idiots swatting people, the idiot who threatened to shoot up a school.

how bout they take their share of the blame for painting gamers as violent misogynistic psychopaths.

and i just love how a rag like brietbart is now a great source.
you know they're partnered with fox "news", right?
you know the ones who always blame gaming when there's a shooting.

it's a right wing propaganda rag.

but no, support right wing idiots because they agree with you on one thing if you like.

ShaunCameron2406d ago

Yeah, as if left-wing sources like MSNBC, CNN, NPR and the millions of "alternatives" are so less biased.

Ogygian2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

These days:

Left-wing = fascism

Right-wing = freedom

This goes right down to ideological fundamentals, where the former think that people cannot help themselves and need to be controlled "for their own good", while the latter feel that people should have the tools to help themselves and the freedom to do what they want with them.

Of course both are biased towards their own ends, but it's clear which one is more noble. In Europe, we don't have the religious angle any more, so the right has become increasingly about freedom itself.

Godmars2902406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

More like:

Left wing = idiocy

Right wing = stupidity

lipton1012406d ago

Right wing has always been synonymous with fascism. Google 14 pillars of fascism. Educate yourself

Godmars2902406d ago

Well, for one thing those idiots are on both sides with a third party involved, just for the lols, besides.

Then you have the side sensationalizing things for support. Which is how the L&A:SVU episode came to be.

And sad to say, I'd rather have the right-wing who's blaming gun violence on gaming, while defending it as a free market, than the left who want to gaming to further justify Orwellian societal justice.

lipton1012406d ago

I'm writing a screenplay myself right now. It's not due to right or left wing propaganda, it's due to their writers being creatively tapped out, searching the news for a semi believable story. Occam's razor man.

Spotie2406d ago

How about you take some of the blame, amy, for continually painting every MALE gamer as a violent misogynistic psychopath? For supporting- COUNTER to facts and reality and even common sense- the idea that somehow what's being advertised as happening to a handful of women- who are enjoying a rise in publicity and even income, despite much if not all of their "news" being manufactured- doesn't happen to men? Indeed, for acting as if it's less important when it happens to men?

Right wing? Left wing? Who gives a damn about all that crap? That's excuses you and others use to try and justify something without actually using your brain to craft compelling evidence. You and many others around here have accepted the ready-made case Anita Sarkeesian and her cronies have put out. And you've come to believe it so strongly that you reject valid questions pertaining that that case.

Your propensity for falling for crap like that is as much to blame as anything or anyone else for gamers being put in a bad light. Perhaps more, because you're actively taking part, based on partial evidence that is rather easily debunked in most cases.

In a court of law, nothing you believe in out of Sarkeesian and others would hold up.

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Doge2406d ago

I blame the sensationalist western media.

Godmars2902406d ago

That's profit driven, sensationalist western media to you bub.

leemo192406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I blame the gaming sites like Kotaku,Polygon and people like Anita and Brianna for this horrible wtf did I just watch episode. They were the ones who were writing and saying gamers are sexist, they don't want women in gaming, gamers are worst than Isis, I don't want to use the word terrorism, but its terrorism. Now those people are backtracking(not Polygon they think what happened in the episode actually happened in real life)are hating on the episode, yet can't figure out why the writers at Law and Order would write such horrible things about gamers. These so called "journalist" and "speaker of women" literally are making people more afraid to get into the gaming business, rather than help it grow. Who wants to get into the gaming business when you read and hear things like misogyny,sexist, harassment, etc is what gaming has become. People don't want to put up with that, so they go into a different profession, not realizing what your hearing and reading couldn't be farther from the truth.

mixelon2406d ago

I don't think sites like Kotaku turned anyone against gamers, they just turned a portion of gamers against themselves. Gamers have been and likely always will be their own worst enemy, and by acting less ridiculously there'd be none of this drama.

002406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

you are very incorrect kotaku, polygon and their like started gamergate by having 28 other sites declare gamers dead and that they are not the audience anymore all on the same day.

I know this for a fact because they refused to acknowledge that I and many others are not white, refused to believe that women can be independent and support gamergate etc etc.
and it goes on and on, and now they are acting surprised law and order SUV is showing how ridiculous they sound.

mixelon2406d ago

They said were a lot of gamers are jerks and it can be a toxic community. A lot of gamers are jerks. It frequently IS a toxic community. There was absolutely no reason for people to react as crazily as they did. Also GG technically started (not this again) with the Quinn thing, which was in no way the media's fault.

I've never seen a statement refusing those things, either. Something can have elements of sexism and racism and still have people of happy minorities too. I think people are just terrible at nuance and seeing things from different perspectives.

Law and order made *everyone* look ridiculous. The only people who think it reflects badly on SJWs etc are their opposition though, the wider public have no idea what you're talking about.

ginganinja2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I can remember that time the chess community was up in arms after that Columbo episode where the killer was a grandmaster and... oh wait, no i didn't because no-one cared because it's an effing TV show.

Sheesh, for a community which is always quick to tell the world it can clearly distinguish between fiction and reality when it comes to violence in games, to suddenly gets its britches in a twist because some benign program doesn't portray them as saints is a bit much.

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