Law & Disorder: How SVU Missed the Mark on #GamerGate

A Law & Order episode exploring #GamerGate sensationalizes serious problems with misogyny in video gaming, and leaves much to be desired for gamers.

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arbitor3651343d ago

Game journalists have created a misogyny narrative which is utterly detached from reality and they have used it to demonize not only gamergate but the gaming community it general. Do I need to bring up the dozens of "gamers are dead" articles?

So don't blame SVU, when you are the ones who were comparing gamergate supporters to ISIS. You are the true architects of this propaganda and everyone can see it.

hazelamy1342d ago

how about you blame the ones who sent all those death and rape threats?

blame the one who threatened to shoot up a school.
blame the twats who send swat teams to innocent peoples houses.

how about they take the rightful blame for making gamers look bad?

what will it take for idiotic crap like swatting to stop anyway?
does somebody have to die before these idiots stop?
sadly, when it does happen, i fear just a matter of when rather than if, these halfwits will still do it.

hazelamy1342d ago

whatever subject they're dealing with, they're going to sensationalise it.
it's a cop show, if they do an episode based around gaming, it's not gonna feature people just going to a con and having a nice peaceful time.
may be more realistic, but it hardly makes for interesting television.

a show like this features any community, it's gonna feature the worst of that community.

CSI have done an episode centred around furries, it involved a murder, they did one with people who build fighting robots, it involved a murder, they did an ep with the transgender community, and yep, it involved murder.

001342d ago

I think it hit it perfectly for the past 6 months these journalist and their attack dogs have been calling gamers literal terrorist worse the Hitler and Isis combined, and the fact they are now backpedaling because of how ridiculous it is I find pretty funny.