At $39.99, people badly want the Playstation TV

Yesterday, Amazon was selling the Playstation TV at 50% off for a limited time: $39.99 instead of $79. The Dualshock bundle was sold for $49.99. The deal sold out within minutes

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getrektedmate1343d ago

Who'd not want that at $40? Lol

Abash1343d ago

$40 for a system that plays a ton of PS Vita, PSP, and PSOne games? I dont see how anyone who doesnt have one could pass up on that deal

orakle441343d ago

And stream your PS4 in another room in your house.

darx1343d ago

Simple...who wants to stream games over the internet...i'll pass.

Stsonic1343d ago

Depends what games darx, and it's not over the internet. It's directly from the PS4 to the Vita TV.

Games like resident evil, the swapper and any non competitive games can be very enjoyable when stream to the vita tv.

SoapShoes1343d ago

I use it for several fantastic PSP games on TV. WipeOut Pulse, Ape Escape OTL, Medievil Resurrection, Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow, Pursuit Force, Parappa, etc.

Jubez1871342d ago

Hey I bought it for 100 and don't even regret it. I'm not a mobile gamer, but a big JRPG and indie just imagine my plight.

I keep it in my brother's room and we just chill and play JRPGs like when we were kids. Only now we can kinda see how stupid they are sometimes and just laugh. He actually just finished P4G. I'm still working on Tales of Hearts R (great game).

badz1491342d ago


"..who wants to stream games over the internet.."

seriously? the real question is, who doesn't?

it's just that there aren't many ways to do it yet with low enough latency to provide a 1:1 experience but doesn't mean no one wants it!

Remote Play on the Vita and PSTV from the PS4 is doing a decent job especially on local network provided you have a good connection, but the latency is still there - not enough to ruin the whole experience but not ideal for high pace games requiring precision like Driveclub for example. I have both the Vita and PSTV and also Xperia Z3 tablets where I play my PS4 games when times allow and honestly, IT'S AWESOME! I'm excited with the improvement their next system will bring in terms of bettering the current Remote Play quality, but with what is currently on offer, I think I'm pretty satisfied.

back on topic, at $40, the PSTV is a steal.

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Letthewookiewin1342d ago

I love mine, Lunar Silver Star is incredible on a 65". It fills the screen with no stretch or distortion. Same with Vita games. So glad I bought one. Didn't get the deal though but 100$ is worth it.

Eonjay1343d ago

The thing about these Amazon super flash sales is that they come out of no where and you have to be in the right place at the right time otherwise an hour later, it could be gone.

PurpHerbison1343d ago

The lightning deals are BS. After it sold out within 10 seconds, I had to go on the wait list for the bundle and it didn't update until I logged out and logged back in. If I never relogged I would of never got the bundle.

jreeves821342d ago

I went to Target because it sold out so fast and they wouldn't price match it. Then I went to Walmart and they did so I got it for only 40 and didn't have to wait for it to be delivered

PurpHerbison1343d ago

I grabbed the bundle at 50. Needed a new DS3 so it ended up working out very well.

Kingdomcome2471343d ago

PS TV and a DS3 for $50? Wow. That's a steal man.

vongruetz1342d ago

I did it for the same reason. I could either pay $40 for a new DS3 or pay an extra $10 and get the PSTV, game, and 8gb memory card. Seemed like a no brainer to me. This is in addition to the fact that I already own (and love) a PSTV. I guess I now have a spare.

The hard part was actually getting it. I was on the site right as the deal became available, and I still missed out on the first round. I got put on the wait list and suddenly I got notified that I had 45 seconds to add it to my or miss out. I got lucky.

Summons751343d ago

Now that is the perfect price for this. They should honestly just keep it at this price.

GiantFriendlyCrab1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

even at this price i don't see the point buying this, i got all my gaming needs covered

orakle441343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Just because you have all your gaming needs covered, does not mean others do. $40 for this is a great deal.

PurpHerbison1343d ago

This price was low enough to justify my purchase. I really want to try out Freedom Wars, P4G, and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Inception1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Well it's sold out, so looks like people who bought it didn't care if all of your gaming need covered.

Beside, who doesn't want a $40 device that can play tons of PS1, PSP, Vita, and streaming PS4 games?

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