Guessing The Legacy The Order: 1886 Prior To Release

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece that ponders what the reception and legacy of The Order: 1886 will be in the days prior to release. It asks if concerns about the game will be nothing more than trolling and if the game will launch a new franchise or if it is a good idea that will come up short of expectations.

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DarkOcelet1395d ago

I think it will have a good chance of becoming one of the best exclusives on the PS4. I think RAD will do a great job with this IP.

Garethvk1395d ago

I just hope people play it and not review and post based on screens, trailers, and reports of others.

Kamikaze001394d ago

Ha, I wouldn't count your chickens in that regard. That's exactly what most of the previews have been.

Garethvk1394d ago

Remember the old days when you had to wait for reviews and the first time you saw a game was when it was in the stores or when they would release a demo ahead of time?
It is a dual edged sword having the net and trades hype a game months and in some cases over a year before it is released. People can whip themselves into a frenzy over the game and also, there have been reports of companies paying people to talk up a game and other being paid to bash it. I guess I am old fashioned in that a game or product should stand or fall based on its merits and not how well a smear or p.r. campaign was designed and executed.

DanielEndurance1394d ago

When is review embargo lifted? Getting it regardless, just wondering...

WizzroSupreme1394d ago

The Order: 1886 will likely be like most second year games every generation. Outclassed by what's to come but laid some significant groundwork. There's nothing revolutionary about The Order beyond visual fidelity, but if its story hits home, that's something timeless.

BABY-JEDI1394d ago

I don't think you really have comprehended the amount of work or passion that has went into The Order. There is a level of (alter) reality that the developers have put into this project that has went beyond anything that I have ever seen. It's this type of passion that truly drives this industry. Not next years re-hashes!

creatchee1394d ago


Hard work does not guarantee quality. I've seen and experienced many "labors of love" that were underwhelming. Still, passion can lead to greatness - it's just that more ingredients are required.

Garethvk1394d ago

I think many on the pros and cons sides of the game have whipped themselves into such a frenzy that they may not be able to be objective about the final build. They will say see I was right regardless as for many it is easier to do that than admit they were wrong. Who knows at the very least we have a nice looking game that will spark some debate and passion and to be honest, in the quiet times before E3 and the flood of news and game releases, this is not always a bad thing.