Windows 10, Xbox One games division will be at GDC 2015 “in full force”

Microsoft has announced it will host 16 sponsored sessions pertaining to developing content across Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One.

DarkOcelet3418d ago

I wonder what games they might announce there? Maybe Gears of War Trilogy for Xone?

bleedsoe9mm3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

that would be a nice summer game , i'm hoping we get a new ip announcement .

DarkOcelet3418d ago

I am pretty sure they have a new IP or two under the mattress or carpet, whatever lol :D. But i don't know whether they will announce it here or at E3 but its definitely interesting to see what will happen.

bleedsoe9mm3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

@DarkOcelet your probably right , sequel or remaster announcements make allot more sense for GDC saving the new ips for E3 . Unless its something spectacular using Dx12 pretty sure that will be the main focus with all devs in one city .

getrektedmate3418d ago

@darkocelet I want them to add all 4 games, I know judgement is a prequel but still. The collection doesn't seem to be complete without it. MCC comes with 4 games and GOW Collection should come with 4 games

DarkOcelet3418d ago

Lets hope they do. The amount of content in those four games are amazing. Although i don't think i will try getting those Seriously achievements again :D

GearSkiN3418d ago

All exclusive should utilize dx12, I'm looking at you Halo 5.

TheCommentator3418d ago

"The latest and greatest games and anouncements" pertaing to game development on Xbox One. New IP, new api and maybe even new performance benchmarks - I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas! \ö/

christocolus3418d ago

Fingers crossed.I hope we see a DX12 demo of Gears4, Scalebound or an entirely new ip.

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Microsoft's Xbox gaming handheld will fail unless someone else makes it

Despite Microsoft's experience in hardware manufacturing, I don't trust it not to fumble its first gaming handheld device which may eventually lead to a successor not getting released.

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LG_Fox_Brazil4d ago

Unless it has some fature that really makes it standout I don't think someone who wants a handheld will pick it when the Switch 2 is just around the corner and the Steam Deck offers a huge library with much better prices worldwide

OtterX3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Especially since the existing PC handhelds (Steam Deck, ROG Ally, etc) can already run Gamepass. I don't have a Steam Deck yet, but I did see Forza Horizon 5 already running pretty well on it natively, so I'd imagine most XBox exclusives on Steam would run pretty well too. The most Microsoft could do is try to brute force a more expensive, higher power handheld. I doubt it would do well if that were the case.

ABizzel13d ago

This has been my point. It’s too little too late, and there are too many options out now that can already do the same thing with similar or better tech, in a similar price-range. A best case scenario for them is slightly above Steam-Deck performance at $100 less, but that’s not a huge selling point for anyone who has already jumped into the handheld PC market, and people still on the fence. Or go the other route of as cheap as possible but making it a streaming only device around $199.

It would do well and reach over 1m sold just because of the Xbox branding, but their consoles are already selling less and less (by the looks of it), so I don’t see a handheld being this great savior for them.

They simply need to rebrand one of the Surface tablets into the device with dedicated controls and more gaming focused, and call it a day instead of heavily investing in a handheld

VariantAEC3d ago

I'm guessing Xbox Wireless will be a streaming system like PS Portal. And yes I fully expect their portable Xbox to be given a really stupid name like "Wireless." Maybe even a dumber name like the Xbox Series W.

Jingsing3d ago

Doesn't make much sense to have a handheld that is locked down to the Xbox ecosystem when the PC handheld can run everything. I'm sure the same people that bought the Xbox fridge will give Microsoft their free money though.

XBManiac3d ago

Microsoft handheld Qualcomm based... you will see it next year... and you will see it sink.