Sony releasing 5 new PS4 Destiny Themes as part of the HEROES program

Yesterday Sony announced the new Playstation Heroes program which lets players support charities by purchasing exclusive themes and gives players a chance to play a PS4 game with a celeb.

It now seems that Sony will be releasing a total of 5 new Destiny themes for the HEROES program.

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Heyxyz1340d ago

Give me a Persona 5 theme and I'm sold!

CorndogBurglar1340d ago

I dont want to play with Shaun White...

But i'll buy a theme because hey, charity. And i love Destiny. So it all works out.

VER1ON1340d ago

Charity or not, I do find some prices on the high side. Especially when you consider you don't exactly know the looks of the themes. It's not that you can preview them first before buying right?

EvilWay1340d ago

I have had the theme I wanted for months now on Xbox :)

And it's free

G20WLY1340d ago

There are free themes on PS4 too. What's your point?

F0XHOUND1340d ago

My ffxiv theme is free on ps4 too, with awesome background music too :) you should try ffxiv, its a really great mmorpg... oh, you're on Xbox. Nvm lol!

VER1ON1340d ago

Theres still the free destiny Theme for ps4 of course