The Order: 1886 Early User Reports Over 12 Hours of Gameplay; Screenshot Shows Gruesome Gore Effects

There have been extreme rumors so far about the duration of the order, including absolutely ridiculous claims on it lasting three hours, already debunked by the developer. Interestingly, veteran NeoGAF user OsirisBlack is playing the game, and he reports that he hasn’t yet finished the story after 12 hours and a half of gameplay.

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SaveFerris1340d ago

Love that screenshot. He's brown bread, innit?

SaveFerris1340d ago

Cockney rhyming slang meaning dead.

pedrof931340d ago

When will reviews be up ?

Abash1340d ago

Lets all exchange our play time records after we finish The Order 1886, thats part of why I cant wait to buy it!

Seriously though I am not concerned with how long the game is, I just want to play it already and experience the interesting world Ready at Dawn have created.

LOGICWINS1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

@Pedro-Gamers will post a ton of reviews after they've had time with the game. Ull have plenty to read. At the moment, those are the only people I trust with game reviews.

@Abash- Same here. As you know, the older we get, the busier we are. As a gamer with a busy life, I'm okay with spending $60 for an 8-12 hour experience because it fits within my lifestyle. I got GTA5 Remastered on launch week and I'm not even halfway through the story yet.

GribbleGrunger1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Here's a useful link for anyone interested in finding out the time it takes to complete a game. You might find it interesting to search for other third person, story driven games just to compare ... Actually, you owe it to RAD to do just that:

Let's bring reality to the table folks. We did it with the and it appears as if we'll have to do it here too. Stamp out FUD, and don't be naive enough to believe the media aren't part of this ongoing circus.

Wasn't a problem back then, was it.

JoGam1340d ago

I actually want to see reviews too. Not to make decision to buy a game but just to see other peoples opinions. My digital copy is already paid for. Can't wait.

tbone5671340d ago Show
Why o why1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )


Winner of todays 'shutdown of the day' award

Links saved.....

Edit, dont be bitter.......just accept many use double standards. Those links prove many complainers and fud throwers as hypocrites.

AndrewLB1339d ago

GribbleGrubble- The only problem with that site is it relies on honesty, and we all know how honest zealots can be when it comes to exclusives on their favorite console. Metacritic user reviews are a great example of how eff'ed up things can get when bias takes control.

As for game length, I read on Neogaf that someone got 100% platinum already and did it in a bit over 10 hours. Not sure if I believed that since from my experience with other games, that's not an easy feat especially in that amount of time.... so I checked myself.

Sweep141339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

@AndrewLB : 10 hours is the time elapsed between earning the first trophy and platinum. You don't know hom much time he gamed before obtaining his first trophy and we also don't know if he played the game on hard difficulty with no aim assist

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BABY-JEDI1340d ago

Thank god he never said he's Hovis or Mothers Pride. Now that would be so messed up! Any way. Danish pasty anyone?

leogets1340d ago

Yeah mate proper brown bread. Was guna send a long message but My jockey whips are burning. Backed potatas..

geddesmond1340d ago

I've said it for years how the media downplay every PS Exclusive and if the playtime articles ain't proof of that hen we are all blind

1340d ago
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Father__Merrin1340d ago

the hate that this is getting is incredible

n4g has been the Order article compendium lately

DarkOcelet1340d ago

The hate is unwarranted and ignorant. The game certainly seems to have an amazing quality.

Lev19031340d ago

Did you play it? I do not agree that everyone dismissing this game but i also dont agrer with people saying itd a great game with out playing it.

I think its hypocritical.


Agreed, I'm hella picky which games I buy because I have these thing called standards lol... But seriously I was wary at first because of the first demo vid and I was concerned about the length.... But now there's not a doubt in my mind this game is definitely a must... If I'm on board then there's really no reason not to like this game unless you're not into tps's... Werewolf outfit at the ready....

IrisHeart1340d ago

Isn't every other comment about this game how good the walls look or random stuff like that and "haters" (or something like your comment) because of the two people saying how short the game is? E-ffing loop.

WelkinCole1340d ago

Its only here on NG4 that the hate is a little bit less.

When on youtube and there were the first vids i found about the order on there

Its not just youtube. Every where else as well.

The hate for this game is staggering.

RAD must have killed a lot of peoples parents to get this much hate.

Sweep141339d ago

And...? 12 hours is a good duration for this type of game

BallsEye1339d ago

Hate? Not even close to what Ryse was getting. Anyway 12 hours of gameplay? Just seen youtube video with game being beaten in a casual way in 3 hours. Look it up on YT sort by upload date.

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DigitalRaptor1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Damn son. The Order: 1886 is defying expectations almost everywhere except of those folks that want to live in the past by referring to old and outdated impressions.

The early leaked impressions basically confirm:

- Solid, smooth, and satisfying gameplay mechanics, with quite a lot of diversity.
- Incredible story, characterisation and performances to rival The Last of Us.
- Unbelievably amazing visuals and attention to detail with the blacks bars working in its favour, or at the very least is something your eyes adjust to very quickly because of how eye-catching the rest of the scene looks.
- The game is 10-12 hours as has been confirmed multiple times.
- Sublime sound direction and epic orchestral score.

Those are the hallmarks of a pretty great game to me. Things are looking up, and certainly appears that the hate over the past 12 months has been such a wasted effort. Congrats to [email protected] for hanging on to their hats and sticking to their guns through all the unwarranted hate. This studio is going places.

Aloy-Boyfriend1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Thank you!
6 days left can't wait!

MasterCornholio1340d ago

Well its a [email protected] game so I'm not surprised that its good.

What surprises me is the amount of hate that the game is getting.

jb2271340d ago

And yet, I still think this game will end up w/ scores in the 6-8 range, regardless of whether or not it would be worthy of a higher score. I'm predicting a complete reverse of the Evolve situation where user reviews are very positive & critical reviews are a bit middling or flat out low. Too many journalists have been dumping on the title for too long to make too much of an abrupt heel-turn & most don't seem to be humble enough to eat the crow they've sat in front of themselves by being so unkind to the game in previews (not all, but many were very unforgiving, quick to point out any potential or speculative flaws whether or not they were present in the build while not even mentioning the good qualities that existed right there in the demo). I'm thinking this is where a lot of them start to dig in because they're already catching a lot of flak for how offbase they've been in regards to titles released in the past couple years. Seems like anything a journalist really hypes will release a bit lackluster in content & possibly completely broken (Unity), while anything they are down on or uninterested by tends to wind up as a potential game of the year (Middle Earth). The only way to save face w/o flat out admitting their mistaken impressions is to keep the score a bit lower.

Even beyond that, it seems like Games Journalism is no longer interested in a solid story driven tps (TLOU notwithstanding). Regardless of the critical reception, I'm just hoping gamers have a good & memorable time w/ the game & that sales are high enough to get devs & publishers back on the linear story driven single player train instead of pushing out yet another mp driven title or another hollow & repetitive open world game. Seems like maybe 1 out of 10 end up being something truly special while the rest are just fun ways to kill a couple hours at best, and typically wholly forgettable by & large.

WilDRangeRfc1339d ago

This whole dont need MP it will spoil the singleplayer BS is starting to get on my nerves,this game looks amazing and should cater to all gamers,TLOUR is a prime example of a game that does both and no game can match the SP or MP in that game,would I still be playing TLOUR daily without MP?? No I would not and I have got my moneys worth 100 x over with that game,will I get the same from the Order?? No it will be a trade in just like ISS,not all games need MP but a story driven 4 character TPS with cover mechanics screams co-op and MP,we pay for PS+ so the AAA exclusives should come with longevity and a good reason to pay for +,this game should cater for all gamers,the singleplayer only gamers are covered but those who live for MP sadly are not,I am not bashing the game I have it coming day one but I am distraught there is no MP

hkgamer1339d ago

game is looking great.

i dont mind the black bars, i give the devs the benefit of the doubt that it was more of an artistic choice more than a performance thing.

10-12 hours is also a good enough length for a game. i tend to play games i really enjoy more than once so it doesnt matter to me.

there is something buggine me about the gameplay videos ive seen though. so i will wait until reviews come out to see if they had some issues i think the game will have. so i will either buy this game in its first month or probably wait a while until it gets cheaper. either way i will buy this game.

Bundi1335d ago Show
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DarkOcelet1340d ago

Lafayette seems to be the charming person of the group. Cool.

I really hope Percival has more screen time because he looks badass.

Abriael1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Personally, I find Lafayette absolutely hilarious :D

Initially, I thought I wouldn't like him, because from the early stuff I saw months ago he kind of seemed like a "forced" comedic relief character, he's grown on me, and he isn't just that.

DarkOcelet1340d ago

It seems that you are enjoying the game. Good to know.

Abriael1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I'm enjoying the livestreams lol. My review copy will be here on Monday, because couriers don't deliver on Saturday in Italy. Yay.

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