Wargaming Celebrates 1-Year-Anniversary With New Tank And Tank Emblems

The immense popular free game World of tanks celebrates its first anniversary on the Xbox 360 and introduces us to a brand new tank and tank emblems. Wargaming proudly anounced some statitics of the game showing us the immense popularity of Wargaming's free-to-play tank MMO.

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Escape from Tarkov and War Thunder devs keep silent about the Ukraine War, still on Russian market

From Babel UA: "With the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, sanctions against the aggressor also affected the video game industry. The largest game publishers — Ubisoft, EA Games, Rockstar — have limited sales of their products in Russia and Belarus. And Steam, GOG and Epic Games stores have stopped accepting payments in rubles. But Russian players have already learned to circumvent the bans of publishers and shops — there are many instructions about how to do this on the Internet. The situation with the game developers of the aggressor countries is even more complicated. Many of them are not officially Russian or Belarusian, but have long opened offices in Europe and work from Britain, Hungary, and other countries. Russian developers usually donʼt comment on Russiaʼs aggression against Ukraine, continue to cooperate with Western companies and sell their games to Western players. Babel tells about the games Escape from Tarkov, World of Tanks, and War Thunder, which are popular in Europe and the United States, and about the behavior of their developers, who deliberately do not publicly state their position on the war or order advertising from outspoken supporters of the Putin regime."


RTS Gameplay Comes To World Of Tanks

This is an interesting update to the game. World of Tanks is more than just pure steel and firepower; it’s about tactics and strategy, and the latest event takes this up a gear! Players can master the Art of Strategy from today until early May.


World of Tanks: GI JOE

WAR IS FOREVER! World of Tanks welcomes G.I. Joe & Cobra onto the battlefield. FIGHT TO SAVE THE DAY!

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Wot destroyed this game with the latest updates...