Project CARS: Low Vs Ultra Graphics Comparison Video

Here is a cool Project CARS video that compares the graphical fidelity between the low vs ultra settings.

CarGamingBlog says "At the start of the video the Pagani Huayra is about to start a very wet race. The ultra setting has superior reflections, denser rain and lots of spray from the cars infront and even lightning. Also there’s more detailed rain effects on the car body and rain droplets on the “screen” but overall I have to say even in low settings this game looks pretty decent for low".

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masterfox1369d ago

wow!! so if that is Project Cars Ultra settings in PC then Driveclub settings should be called Out of this world settings ? :P

Yes Driveclub is that insanely stunningly awesome looking racer.

ShottyGibs1368d ago

Yeah.. Nah. At 30fps with simple physics... there's nothing compelling about that.

csbunk021368d ago

Yeah brah - because the amount of frames flickering at your retinas delegates how fun a game is and controls how realistic the weather looks, as its being rendered inside a game engine.

TL;DR - I'm being sarcastic.

Me-Time1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )


He wasn't comparing gameplay or physics. And Driveclub's still a racer with it's arcade-like physics. There's something really stale about pCARS. I have the beta and there's something off about it. The color palette, it's just off.

AutoCad1368d ago

You do know drive club wouldn't be able to look like that if it wasn't dumbed down to 30fps right? Not to even mention that the game is a closed track game and still only achieved 30fps.

Helloween131368d ago

I think would stupid comments like that you have been dumbed down, Driveclub craps all over this even in Ultra settings

gamerfan1281367d ago

Driveclub is the best looking console racing game, PS4 is the most powerful gaming console. Driveclub would have to be downgraded to run on Xbox.

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csbunk021368d ago

Well, now we know what the Wii U version will look like.

Software_Lover1368d ago

In some spots the low setting looks like they are playing it at a different resolution.

tucky1368d ago

Woaw the ultra setting under the rain is simply unplayable .... We see nothing ?????!!!!! Fortunately, we can change to low settings if we want to play comfortably

Me-Time1368d ago

Yup. Particle density. I'll keep it on low.

WizzroSupreme1367d ago

Wow, that's a fantastic difference.