Introversion in talks with Sony, Microsoft

UK-based independent developer Introversion, creator of indie titles Uplink and Darwinia, is currently in negotiations with both Microsoft and Sony regarding the possibility of bringing its games to consoles.

"I'm afraid I can't really give you any concrete details at the moment - suffice it is to say that we are currently discussing a number of deal negotiations with Sony and Microsoft," Introversion's Vicky Arundel told

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PS360PCROCKS5825d ago

lol everytime I send things in someone else gets the credit like a day later, what the heck?? anyways this could be cool

Bill Nye5825d ago (Edited 5825d ago )

Well your submission was only about 360 when the news is actually about talks with both Sony and Microsoft. This article has a bit more meat to it, too.

ps3willrule5825d ago

i have never even heard of those games lol are they any good???

PS360PCROCKS5825d ago

not sure but we'll see I guess huh

Lucidmantra5825d ago

I think Darwinia was a game developed using the Half Life 2 engine for the PC and it was hmm a little unusual to say the least but they need some of the wierd stuff like that rolling blob game for the PS... I love HATAMAKUKARI or whatever it is called.